Sunday, April 4, 2010


This year was fun because we got to celebrate Easter with a toddler! We took her to an easter egg hunt bright and early and it was a lot of fun! There were sooo many people and soo much candy! It was a little disappointing to see how greedy many of the parents were.. Instead of being ages 0-3 it kinda seemed like a free for all for some of the adults, but we still enjoyed ourselves and Samantha had fun picking her eggs and candy! :)
Before it started- look at all that!
Waiting for the hunt to start-- can you tell we are ICE cold?!!

Look at this picture closely... Samantha looks so funny!

We had a wonderful 2 days listening to Conference, dying eggs, going on walks, I made eggplant Parmesan for dinner... It was my first time ever eating or cooking with eggplant and it turned out soooooooooo good. mmmm! We've enjoyed being able to spend some extra time together, it's been really great. This year we got the "Monster" easter egg dying kit... here are our cute little monsters!

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Katrina said...

you are soooo good!!! (makes me feel bad... haha) :) No... this Easter has just been kinda blah because of all this baby stuff and trips to the hospital, etc! No baby yet...but will definitely keep you posted!

Love the easter eggs and what a fun hunt! too bad it was so cold! Sammie still enjoyed it I'm sure!!