Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our poor little angel

Our sweet little girl is feeling pretty miserable! Please keep her in your prayers! She suddenly came down with a random cold yesterday (though the doc had predicted it the day before at her 18-month checkup). She has to have a breathing treatment with a nebulizer every few hours and steroids to help open up her lungs so she can breathe! This makes it sound pretty dramatic and she is ok, don't worry! Just miserable and could use some extra prayers! Thanks!

EDIT: Also, since I'm asking, any prayers directed the way of my father-in-law would be appreciated!!!

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Rebecca & Jeff said...

Poor Sammy! Parker had to use a nebulizer for a while too and it ended up helping so fast he only used it for a couple of days. I hope she feels better soon!

Scott and Heather said...

how stressful! Lincoln had rsv last month and had the stupid nebulizer and was scared of it. I hope she gets better soon. Poor baby!

Rachel said...

So sorry! I hate it when my children get sick. That must be super stressful. I hope she feels better soon!

Katrina said...

poor thing! That doesn't sound fun for her OR mom!! Hope that she feels better soon!

hope things are okay with your in-laws too!

Hope we get to play soon! :)

Charles and Nancy said...

oh, that's horrible! I hate when kids are sick and miserable! I hope she feels better soon!