Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I enjoy being tagged! Thanks for tagging me Bri, it's been a looong time!

Four shows I like to watch...
1. Gilmore Girls
2. LIFE (or Planet Earth stuff)
3. The Amazing Race (yeah, I'm a nerd!)
4. Prison Break

Four things I'm passionate about...
1. Life
2. family!
3. Improving myself
4. Having FUN

Four phrases I say a lot...
1. "I love you!" (say it to Samantha all day long and to Jacob every time he leaves plus more)
2. "Samantha BEAN!!!" -that's how I say her name when she's being busted for something
3. "Yay!"
4. "I'm funny and kind!"

Four things I have learned from the past...
1. Life is full of surprises
2. If you know you are doing the right thing for yourself, be strong and don't worry about what others think!
3. Hard times happen for a reason even if you can't see it now
4. Trust in Heavenly Father

Four places I want to go...
1. Belize
2. Australia
3. Europe (couldn't pick just one country there)
4. NYC

Four things I did yesterday...
1. Went to power pump
2. read
3. hung out with Sam and Jacob
4. cleaned the house 4 or 5 times (I blame my daughter..)

Four things I'm looking forward to...
1. summer at 7 peaks!!!!!!
2. being tan
3. this weekend.. date night!!!!
4. Jacob to be done with school FOREVER

Four things I love about spring
1. Warm weather
2. not being too hot!! I don't like the heat!
3. Laying on soft green grass
4. thunderstorms!!! (even if they are few and far between)

Four things on my wish list...
1. this super adorable shirt at AE I've been eyeing for about 3 weeks now
2. Not worrying about the future
3. HUGE shopping spree... I love new clothes
4. Be back at pre-pregnancy weight and figure by 2 weeks post partum with the rest of my pregnancies! Wouldn't that be sooo cool? (yeah, I know its far fetched, but hey, its my wishlist!)

Four people to tag...
1. Jessica Valentine
2. Ariel Ranae
3. Stephanie Draper
4. Cortney Garcia

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Katrina said...

cute tag!! let me know when that shopping spree is going to happen! I'll tag along!! :) (if you don't mind) :)

Have you already gotten your 7 peaks pass? How much this year?

still on for tomorrow? :)

Sarah said...

I just did a similar thing on my blog getting to know you better! :)

Jessica said...

Yay I've been tagged! My cousin tagged me on this one a few months ago, so here are my answers: