Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catch up

I realized I haven't posted any pictures in awhile! I was going through my camera and there were a whole bunch of pictures that I completely forgot about!

These first three are her playing dress up. She loves getting into my things and putting them on... shoes, hats, shorts, underwear, socks, necklackes, etc!

Watching TV in her new chair!

We got her a bike seat and a helmet and she LOVES going on rides! We're excited to take her again as soon as it's a little bit warmer!

UH-OH!! (one of her new favorite phrases)... if you look closely you'll notice almost every single marshmallow is gone! Little stinker.

Hangin out with Lincoln!

messy smoothie!


Jessica said...

She is just so dang cute! Seriously, what do you guys feed her that makes her so fun and so adorable?

Katrina said...

Cute pictures!! :) I bet the bike rides are way fun!! if only it would stop being cold outside!

Charles and Nancy said...

She is a little cutie!!

Briana said...

Okay, that picture of her watching tv is so cute!! I loved playing dress up when i was little, haha. I totally almost wrote littlie when I was writing little, oh man.