Monday, May 17, 2010

Cloth Diapers??

What have we been up to lately?? Not much. Really. It's been pretty crummy weather for May and not a whole lot is going on.
Lately I have been thinking a lot about switching to cloth diapers. Before you jump to conclusions, I'll educate a little-- cloth diapers are NOT as old school as they used to be (well, you can still buy those, but I think you'd be crazy after seeing what's available!) There are many available ones, and after talking to a girl about them that has a whole bunch of different ones and has been using them for a long time I realized they are actually pretty great. For me, I liked the Fuzzibunz brand.. Here is a pic that kinda explains them a bit (click to enlarge if you have bad eyesight like me and can't read it!)

Anyway, I got one to try out... And there are many pros and cons.
After calculating in every last accessory I could possibly need to go with these (there are a LOT) and rounding up on everything, we figured it would take about 12-15 months of use to pay them off. Not bad, I guess?? I don't know. They would definitely save us money in the long run, and it would be kind of nice to be spending about 30 bucks a month less in diapers...
Here are some things about them that are simply on my mind -I was going to do a pros and cons list, but so many of the things are both I'm not.

--She has a total ghetto booty with them on. Firstly, I didn't really care. Now I do. Not looks wise, but the way pants fit wise. It is a PRO because now I can buy pants her size! She is quite tall and slender so most pants are too big in the waist and not long enough, so it really will be nice to have pants that fit! CON because 3 of her bottoms for summer now don't fit!! I was excited for summer, because with shorts, if you go bermuda, size doesn't matter at all, so I was able to go down a couple sizes and they actually fit her... now they don't. and no, I can't take them back, it's been too long. SO nice for the future, but now she would be down to 2 bottoms for the summer, because we really can't afford to replace them.

--- What if I hate them??? I feel overwhelmed because if I make the decision to go for it, I'm pretty much stuck. And yes, they have a GREAT resale value, but I'd still be out at least a hundred bucks. yikes.

---Laundry. Ok, there is not a pro about this one. I simply would have to do laundry more often.

--- It really isn't that much different than changing a normal diaper.......

---Do I really want to put in all that effort? perhaps.

---I really do like the idea of producing less waste. I'm definitely NOT one of the 'go green' wackos. But at the same time, I think we need to do what we can in keeping this BEAUTIFUL world that we live in beautiful.

---Samantha will be 19 months in a few days. Which means if I get them she will probably only use them 5-10 months, but more likely 5ish (they say kids potty train earlier with cloth diapers because they can actually feel when they are wet

--you'd think being able to feel the wetness would cause more diaper rashes... Not so. They've shown there are LESS diaper rashes with cloth... and I believe it. You should feel how incredibly soft the insides of these diapers are!


Angela B said...

You forgot the biggest con, which is the major reason we haven't gotten them -- you have rinse the poop out. Yes, if she has a log poop you can just shake it, but sometimes they have runnier poop and then it smears and then you have to rinse them.... by hand, in your shower or sink. And let's say you get pregnant, and have morning sickness and it smells?

Jacob and Nicole said...

Already covered that! They have diaper liners for cloth diapers so that all you have to do is overturn into the toilet... AND I already factored the cost of them into my calculations because I am CERTAIN I would use them every single time without fail!!!!!!

Cynthia said...

I have been wanting to switch too, trying to convince Nick though. I just found out there are some nasty bad chemicals in disposables that are really bad for babies. But Nick is so not into the idea.

Charles and Nancy said...

Personally I'm not fond of the idea. I think I am just too lazy. I am willing to trade an extra few dollars in the long run for less work. I am not a fan of laundry. But, I am not telling you not to do it. I just wouldn't.

Kendra and Caleb said...

I LOVE it! I wanted to look into cloth diapers for some time now, but didn't know anyone that used them. I'm glad you like them. I hate thinking of what huge land fill my diapers of filling up...then again cloth uses more I'm still undecided. =)

Katrina said...

I have a friend who is TOTALLY into cloth diapers and swears by them! her 2 kids leak in disposables, they have more diaper rashes in disposables and she just can't stand disposables! (She also delivered her second baby in her home though so we don't have tons in common in this area generally!) HOWEVER she is the sweetest girl and she knows SO much about this subject. I could get her email for you if you wanted another opinion---especially on prices and stuff. :) It'd be fun to see Sammie with a cloth diaper on! (sorry about the summer pants though!) :) I don't think I could ever really get into cloth diapers---but I have seen some really really cute ones! Let me know what you end up doing! (where do you even get the fancier diapers and liners?!)!

Stephanie said...

Holy crap! Where did you find the liners? I wanted to do cloth diapers with Sadie, because I babysat these kids that were in cloth diapers and it seemed sooo easy. Her laundry room had a huge sink and was also the diaper changing room, so it was perfect for this situation. I decided against it because the ones I wanted were so expensive and even with the ease of diaper changing in her home I do NOT have that set up and I would NOT be able to handle poop. With the liners life would be awesome though, eh? Do you know how long those diapers last? I don't mind doing laundry everyday, that is not an issue with me... maybe I can get into this with Sophiw when she is a little bit bigger... PS - we need to hang out.