Saturday, May 1, 2010

Utah.. so fat??

I feel like I hear how overweight Utahans and Mormons are ALLLL the time! check out this article Utah is ranked #44 in being overweight!!! So either that means 1- this article is completely false (lets face it, it could be- I DID find it on the internet) 2- Utahans aren't as overweight as people like to make them to be or 3- Utahans ARE overweight, but compared to the rest of the nation, are on the low side. Just some food for thought. (my personal opinion is #3)

Um sorry you have to copy and paste the article.. I'm not cool enough or computer savvy enough to know how to do the linky thing where you attach it to "here" or "this" etc... I know, everybody's doing it- but not me!

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Team Shelton said...

First off, although I don't know how reliable that website is, the information does correlate to the statistics on the CDC's web page.

What I found interesting about that article is not that Utah ranks #44, but that 58% of Utahans are overweight. Yes, that is better than the average American (67% according to the CDC), BUT considering that most people who live in Utah are Mormon, and that Mormons follow the Word of Wisdom, that should be shocking. We have the blessing to know how to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle, yet it is clear that Utahans do not follow what they believe in. So what, they are #44 on the list, but they are still fat...along with every other American out there.