Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whatever you Do.....

DON'T think of a PINK elephant!!!

As we all know, it's virtually impossible to NOT think of said pink elephant. (at least without a very trained and well controlled mind)

Jacob has to do these meditation things as part of a study he is participating in for a project for his psychology class this semester. I volunteered to do it with him each night. I have learned that I have an incredibly active mind. The people that are doing this study gave him a CD to use. The guy on the CD is supposed to be some renowned meditator person, but MAN he irritates me. There I am, trying to focus so hard on only my breathing, as instructed, and there he is rattling in my ear. "Don't allow your mind to wander. Your mind wants to wander to the past, or future." etc... He just goes on for at LEAST a full minute about what your mind wants to wander to, and would throw in other things we shouldn't think about during the meditation... I had the pink elephant issue in this case, for sure! Every time he would tell me not to let my mind wander to a certain area, it definitely wandered there! I have no idea how he is so renowned, but whatever, right??

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Charles and Nancy said...

haha! That's funny! I think I would do the same thing.

I love your use of the tabs. I think I will copy you on the "About Us". I loved reading your story.