Friday, June 25, 2010


Interesting stuff...

So Jacob has to take a bunch of science classes and in his physiology class he learned something that I thought people should know about. It has to do with IUDs. Did you know an IUD does NOT prevent fertilization- it prevents implantation. Implantation occurs 5-12 days after ovulation (fertilization occurs within a day or so of ovulation) So it's quite similar to taking a morning after pill. A morning after pill is supposed to prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg, and also changes the walls of the uterus so that if by chance an egg is fertilized it won't implant.

What I'm getting at is this: I understand it is a personal opinion on when the spirit enters the body, SO depending on your beliefs about it, an IUD may or may not be your best option of contraception..While it is not my personal belief (after studying what has been said about it) that the spirit enters at conception/fertilization, I know there are those out there who believe it does, and I definitely respect your opinion, which is why I decided to post about this.

I had an IUD after I had Samantha, and the doctor certainly did not tell me it only prevented implantation, I assumed it was the same as the pill. I don't know if knowing that would have led me to not get it, it's hard to say when I'm not in the position. I didn't like my IUD for other reasons and won't be getting one again, so it's not something I have to consider, because I don't WANT one, so I don't know how I would be feeling if I did want one- ya know what I'm saying?


I decided to blog-- if I weren't listening to some great music right now, I would for sure be feeling grumpy about this, but the music is making it fun! (I seriously have THE best pandora station.. got some Miley Cryus -that's right I LIKE her.. a LOT and I know it's the "cool thing" to hate on her, but I don't care, I like her!- Garth Brooks, Britney Spears, Black eyed peas, and lots more.. just fun music :))

This first one is about our trip to the zoo with our good friends the Durrans a week and a half ago!

For some reason, we didn't get a picture of the 6 of us :( sooo sad. And all of my pics I have that they are in are blurry.. nice. Anyway, I promise they were there, I'm not making it up! ;)

Lookin at the penguins

On the carousel

Sam and Linc waiting for the bird show to start!

This owl literally brushed the top of my head with its wing- guess I was supposed to duck, haha

Samantha had SOOOOO much fun! She pointed out everything and oohed and ahhed and named all the animals she knew and learned a bunch of new ones! She really had a lot of fun and in the small animals building ran around shrieking with excitement pointing at all the animals :) it was really fun.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Sorry I haven't blogged in forever, guys! Like 3 weeks or something? I dunno, I just haven't felt like blogging. I'm bored of my blog. I still like reading other people's, but I dunno, thinking about blogging gives me a headache. Maybe I'll post again soon. Maybe not though. We'll see. ALSO for the last, oh I don't know YEAR or more I have been thinking about going private. So that may happen too. Although, really I see a LOT of people that go private, go UNprivate because it's such a hassle. (and I feel like that would end up being me, but thats kinda embarrassing) Really there are only 2 or 3 private blogs I look at that I view as being successfully private. And by that I mean that they are in a good enough position that they don't and never will want to unprivatize themselves. One of the girls has 2 blogs.. One is unprivate and she uses it to let the world know when she has posted.. Good idea, huh?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I was having a bad hair day today so I decided to paint my nails fun and they turned out so cute I had to post about them.

In case you can't tell they are supposed to be pink zebra- cute huh? I kinda think I like the right hand better, which is weird since I'm VERY right handed. OH and this was SOOOO easy. It only took 10 min.


We LOVE mangoes here at the Winegardner home. Every time they go on sale we get some!

Sam loves them too.


We went to Idaho for Memorial weekend to hear my brother's mission report and hang out with family! so much fun! The weather wasn't so great. It rained every day but oh well!! The whole family was there and We hung out, went and got sno cones, went to Green Canyon hot springs, went shooting, had some of our friends over and played games. I didn't take many pictures, but oh well, who needs picture overloads anyway??

with Uncle Ty.. the new RM, can ya tell?? (he's still so glow-y :))

With uncle Mat, the recent HS grad! congrats!

out back in the field shooting my gun for the first time! (thats right.. MY gun!)

it was a beautiful drive :)