Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dirty dirty

Samantha HATES being dirty. She really, really hates it. Funny story: A week or so ago she was in the bath -I was just sitting there reading my book, keeping an eye on her while she played- when she stood up next to the edge. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.. Sure enough, it was poop! I said "Samantha, you pooped!" not in an annoyed voice, more just making a statement. She just kinda looks at me for a minute. Then she sees the poop and says "What is it?" pointing at it. I told her "that's poopie! You went poopie in the tub!" and she FLIPPED. she started yelling "poopies! poopies!" in a panicked voice and started scrambling to get out of the tub screaming and hollering. hahaha so funny.

Anyway so back to today. Today I am once again reading my book while our little gremlin takes a bath.. and she starts getting a little panicked patting her bum and says 'poopie?' in a concerned voice. Not wanting to have to re-clean my clean child and clean tub I whip out her toilet seat (that she hasn't used at ALL yet. After the last tub incident I had determined she had NO CLUE when she was pooping so haven't even worried about bothering) and stuck it on the toilet then plopped her on it. Bad move, mom. yeah, she freaked. she was so terrified on that thing. Encouraging her to 'go poopy!' was no longer an option, getting her to not hate her toilet seat became the priority.

I won't go into anymore details, but after tonight I have reconfirmed my before thoughts of her not being ready because she has NO CLUE when she needs to poop! That's right folks, just a little gas. It's going to be awhile, but thats okay because she's only 21 months, and I definitely don't want to pressure her into doing something she isn't ready for!


Charles and Nancy said...

Haha! That post made me laugh! I think it's funny that she doesn't like being dirty. Charlie doens't care, but he's a boy...also he is SO not ready to be potty trained. But again he's a boy. I hope that potty training goes smoothly for both of us when the time comes!

Landon and Alaina said...

So funny. Who says being a stay at home mom is not exciting! Also I love your book section. You referred me to the hunger games and I am waiting very impatiently for the last book to come out. It does not help that I am #72 in the line at the library! I also read the Uglies series and now I am going to try the Melody Carlson books. Thanks for the good ideas!