Friday, July 23, 2010

little goober

When we ask Samantha to smile in pictures, this is what we get.. what a ham!

Today we participated in the World's Largest water balloon fight! (yes we actually broke the record!) it was a TON of fun, I'm so glad we went! Plus, look how cute the free shirt is?! All of the colors were pretty ones, even the orange (weird, right?) anyway we had a blast and hung out with a few people from the ward, and it was a lot more fun than I expected. OH and the lunch was really good too! The only thing that bugged me is the guy behind us was throwing the balloons with all he was worth and needed to aim about a foot higher. He kept nailing me in the face (got Jacob a couple times too!) and he was only 5 or 10 feet behind me! it hurt!! Oh well :)

google BYU largest water balloon fight, and you can see some videos and news stories on it.. it was pretty cool.


Briana said...

It was fun seeing you guys there. For a minute I thought I saw Samantha but I didn't it think it was Jacob holding her and then she started reaching for me and I knew it was you guys. Glad you had fun. It was awesome! :)

Katrina said...

We heard all about it! Sounds like it was fun! That's so cool that you guys went. We heard there were a bunch of facial injuries...but I guess that's what you get with that many people and that many water balloons! Glad you guys enjoyed it! :)

We need to play again soon. I have to take Kamryn to Provo Monday and Thursday this week, so maybe we should stop by to say hi one of those days?! :) Let me knwo what you are up to this week!