Sunday, August 8, 2010

New bed for the Bean!

Note: 3 posts today!!

Wellll we decided we should transition Sam to a toddler bed soon, so that she wouldn't think her new sibling stole her bed. We weren't exactly anxious to start anytime soon -really we have 5 1/2 monthsish til new sibling arrives, PLUS another 2 months of new sibling being in a bassinet- but I have been keeping my eye out on KSL for a good deal, and Friday night I saw one we had to check into. This bed is in PERFECT condition. Besides one TINY little ding about 1/4" in long, it is perfect. Anyway we were able to get it, the mattress, 2 fitted sheets, the railing, and a little mattress pad (the kind for accidents during potty training) for only $35. And this bed is really cute! I need to take a picture of it. Anyway so we went and looked at it/bought it Saturday morning. We set it up and Samantha was SOOOOO excited about it, we thought we might as well let her try it while she's so thrilled about it. Last night was fine. She went right to bed. We went in to check on her though, and found her like this

clear down at the bottom of the bed! By the time we took the picture she'd started to wake up. We just laid her back on the pillow and she fell back asleep. This morning she didn't wake up upset or anything, just happy and calling for us and still laying on the pillow.

I was a little concerned about naps, but today after church we asked her if she wanted anything to eat and she said "no" as she took off her shoes. I asked her if she wanted a muffin (which she loves) and she said "no" as she ran to her room. We followed her to find her crawled into bed waiting for us to tuck her in for her nap! So cute! Obviously I realize this is a little strange and that she might start crawling out of bed and stuff, but so far, so good! (knock on wood)


I had such a great birthday this year! It started out with Hilary taking me to get scalp treatments.. ahhhh it was soooo so nice! A couple hours later was my doctor appt! Yah! It was so fun to get to see baby #2 and probably my favorite thing for my birthday was the ultrasound AND the doc changing my due date by 9 days :) I talked to family and a dear friend all afternoon. Then Jacob took me out and we went to Italian (he doesn't usually like Italian, but I LOVE it) then went to Letters to Juliet.. Yeah, he's awesome- total night of sacrifice for him, haha! OH and Letters to Juliet-- SOOOOO so cute. Except the end. One of the cheesiest ending I've ever seen, but oh well :)

After our date we went and ate my "birthday cake". Having a summer birthday I've never really been into the traditional cakes. I prefer ice cream cakes by far, but this year I requested a Fruit Pizza. And Hilary, nice as she is, made it...

isn't it beautiful?!?! It was soooo so yum!

Um my camera fogged up?? We couldn't figure out why. My guess is because Jacob wiped it with a damp rag and the swamp cooler was on. Anyway this is Bri and I.. and she wins best sister award cause she was the only one of THREE of them to call or text me haha! :)

Cheesy, cheesy

Provo Falls

On Friday my thirst for something new became too much and I convinced Jacob it would be a really good idea to go to Provo Falls. Provo Falls is a pretty cool place, neither of us had ever been (probably because its an hour and half drive out into the middle of nowhere), but it turned out pretty awesome. If you feel like going you go to Heber, head Eastish out towards Kamas (such a small town I was surprised to see a stoplight) then go more Eastish out into the middle of nowhere even further another 45 minutes. There was a lot of driving, but it was BEAUTIFUL. probably not something to enjoy if you don't love the outdoors.

Anyway we got there and it was so so pretty, we walked around and took pictures, then it started raining, but we weren't through enjoying the wonderful weather (we're talking low 70s with a nice light breeze... HEAVEN). So we drove in the home direction a little bit til we found a nice place to throw out our blanket and enjoy the weather and a mango. It was soooo nice. Nice to enjoy nature and nice to escape the wretched heat!

Family pic! Yes, I realize it's not flattering of me :)

Cute little beanster striking a pose

One of the many tiers of the falls

Samantha discovering the workings of the inner nose on the way home

Exhausted after a day full of adventure!