Sunday, August 8, 2010


I had such a great birthday this year! It started out with Hilary taking me to get scalp treatments.. ahhhh it was soooo so nice! A couple hours later was my doctor appt! Yah! It was so fun to get to see baby #2 and probably my favorite thing for my birthday was the ultrasound AND the doc changing my due date by 9 days :) I talked to family and a dear friend all afternoon. Then Jacob took me out and we went to Italian (he doesn't usually like Italian, but I LOVE it) then went to Letters to Juliet.. Yeah, he's awesome- total night of sacrifice for him, haha! OH and Letters to Juliet-- SOOOOO so cute. Except the end. One of the cheesiest ending I've ever seen, but oh well :)

After our date we went and ate my "birthday cake". Having a summer birthday I've never really been into the traditional cakes. I prefer ice cream cakes by far, but this year I requested a Fruit Pizza. And Hilary, nice as she is, made it...

isn't it beautiful?!?! It was soooo so yum!

Um my camera fogged up?? We couldn't figure out why. My guess is because Jacob wiped it with a damp rag and the swamp cooler was on. Anyway this is Bri and I.. and she wins best sister award cause she was the only one of THREE of them to call or text me haha! :)

Cheesy, cheesy


Charles and Nancy said...

That friut pizza looks delish! I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!

Jade said...

happy Birthday! You have inspired me to try new form of "cake" as I'm not into the traditional cake either.

Angela B said...

I sent a card! That required thinking ahead and I was getting ready for a 3-week trip! Glad you had fun!