Sunday, August 8, 2010

New bed for the Bean!

Note: 3 posts today!!

Wellll we decided we should transition Sam to a toddler bed soon, so that she wouldn't think her new sibling stole her bed. We weren't exactly anxious to start anytime soon -really we have 5 1/2 monthsish til new sibling arrives, PLUS another 2 months of new sibling being in a bassinet- but I have been keeping my eye out on KSL for a good deal, and Friday night I saw one we had to check into. This bed is in PERFECT condition. Besides one TINY little ding about 1/4" in long, it is perfect. Anyway we were able to get it, the mattress, 2 fitted sheets, the railing, and a little mattress pad (the kind for accidents during potty training) for only $35. And this bed is really cute! I need to take a picture of it. Anyway so we went and looked at it/bought it Saturday morning. We set it up and Samantha was SOOOOO excited about it, we thought we might as well let her try it while she's so thrilled about it. Last night was fine. She went right to bed. We went in to check on her though, and found her like this

clear down at the bottom of the bed! By the time we took the picture she'd started to wake up. We just laid her back on the pillow and she fell back asleep. This morning she didn't wake up upset or anything, just happy and calling for us and still laying on the pillow.

I was a little concerned about naps, but today after church we asked her if she wanted anything to eat and she said "no" as she took off her shoes. I asked her if she wanted a muffin (which she loves) and she said "no" as she ran to her room. We followed her to find her crawled into bed waiting for us to tuck her in for her nap! So cute! Obviously I realize this is a little strange and that she might start crawling out of bed and stuff, but so far, so good! (knock on wood)


mvbarnes said...

Sweet deal! When we get back, finding a toddler bed for Eleyna is on our "to do list". Hope I can find a good deal too :)

Danelle and Alex said...

That is awesome! I am still debating about what to do. Two cribs sounds so dumb but I don't want to mess up too many things for Kade. He will only be twenty months and I want to keep him sleeping well so we shall see.

Charles and Nancy said...

That's awesome! I still haven't moved Charlie to a toddler bed. Chloe is still in our room which is really getting old since she is 5 months. But I was scared that Charlie would get out of bed a lot. Now that Sammy did so well I am a little braver to try it out.

Katrina said...

That is so GREAT that you found all that for so cheap! What a great deal! AND I'm so glad she loves her bed. That will make your life so much easier! :) I hope she always likes it! :)

Sorry we missed out on the bday fun. Looks like you had a great time. you look so cute in all your pictures too! :)

And the falls look gorgeous! How fun for a family outing! :) And I like the family picture! you don't look bad in it! :) I love that you guys will just take off and go somewhere for fun. We've done that a couple times and have always enjoyed it...but it's just not a natural thing for us to do! :) I keep hoping I'll pick up the habit somewhere...I'm just not creative enough! :)

Jade said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE big kid beds and pottys!!!!