Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ariel's Wedding


Ariel and Don cuttin the cake

Helen and I! Helen is one of my favorite people in Ridgecrest!

Decorating their car! Full of balloons, windows in window paint, almost 600+ sticky notes, streamers (came later) cans under the tail thing, AND...

A nice aquarium in the trunk! Nice, eh??? Click the lower one to enlarge and see the fishies

Yeah, we're amazing. While we were brainstorming, Jacob came up with the brilliant plan, but was kidding. Silly boy KNOWS what happens if he suggests a grandiose idea around me , even if he is kidding!

These next pics are just some of Sam dancing. She danced probably an hour straight! She has loved dancing around since she was crawling. Anyway, here are some I liked

Dancin with all the boys

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Charles and Nancy said...

That was a really creative way to decorate a car! Oh, and Sammy is so adorable in that dress!