Saturday, September 11, 2010


We went up to Idaho for Labor Day weekend and had a TON of fun!

We drove up Friday night and didn't have to come back until Tuesday morning, because Jacob didn't have school til 4!

Sam decided she wantede to find out how her feet taste on the way there. Apparently they aren't too bad, cause she kept doing this!

Saturday was a FUN day! We were headed off to these beauties: (for those who don't know-- the Tetons)

We went up to Jackson Hole and a little past to Jenny Lake and hiked around to Hidden Falls! (about a 2ish mile hike 1 way) and took the boat back because it was late and we were all starved for dinner, (ok fine, and the prego lady was a bit tired! :))

Here's some pics from our beautiful hike:
I know I look scary, but check out my little brother! He just got back from his mission in May.. know anyone that wants his number? He's really shy :)

once again, scary pic of me, but look how cute my fam is!

Poor Ty stuck carrying Sam.. she is OBSESSED with the camelbacks and sucks on them ALL day. At this point, she was forcing Ty to drink some. Silly girl.


We saw a baby moose on our hike!!

Ok, I realize most people don't appreciate the nature pictures, but for those who do, isn't it so pretty?!

at the falls

After our hike we went back to Jackson and then wandered around and played tourists (it was Jacob's first time there)

Little Cowgirl!
Token Jackson Hole picture under one of the antler arches.. haha!

I WISH I had taken a picture of it, but in one of the stores they had a real T-Rex skull for sale! Apparently it is the only one for sale in the entire world! I wish I had taken a picture of the price tag-- they wanted a whopping $325,000.00 for it! That's the price of a nice house!!!

On Monday we went up to pick some scrumptious huckleberries. MMMM It was fun just being outside in the woods hanging out. We ended up getting a good amount of berries. Afterwards we had a fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows!

Sam doesn't have pants on in this pic. It was SO cold up in the mountains, and on our way back, she peed through her diaper (like I said, obsessed with the camelbacks) and her pants were soaked. We were hanging out in the truck while I dried her pants on the heater...


Katrina said...

What a fun trip for you! I'm so happy you got to go and stay so long!

And I have to say--what a CUTE baby bump you have! I always thought you were so cute when you were prego with Sam, and you are just as cute with this one too! :)

Charles and Nancy said...

How fun! Oh, I love the third picture down (with the mountains and sky in the background) it looks really cool! And you have a cute baby bump!

It's crazy that you saw a real T-Rex skull for sale. I can't believe someone would pay that much but I guess there are some pretty rich people out in the world.[-