Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pregnancy, then and Now

This is just a comparison post of my 2 pregnancies

I'm feeling like I'm having a boy this time. Because pregnancy is not quite as bad as last time! Good, good!
--Last time I had morning (I mean 24/7) sickness the WHOLE entire time. Yeah, that was the bomb. This time I had morning (I mean 20/7) sickness only the first 15ish weeks.. Not bad, huh?! I still get pretty sick an afternoon/evening or 2 a week, but it's soooo much better than all day every day!
--Last time I was lightheaded pretty much the whole time from the 2nd trimester on and had really low blood pressure. Unfortunately, that's the same this time around also. It's a strange light headedness though. It's not getting up from sitting or laying and feeling dizzy I'm talking about. It's being unable to stand in one place for more than a minute or 2 without feeling the world grow distant and have everything swirl.
--Last time I didn't feel the baby kicking until 21ish weeks!!! Which is fairly normal for a first pregnancy, but this time I felt little 'herm' one day before I reached 17 weeks. Little 'herm' gave me some very persistent kicks that evening! I felt 'herm' on and off for the next 2 weeks, and it's only been the last 4 days or so that I've felt herm on a regular basis.
--Last time I had some round ligament and stretching pain that I thought was pretty bad. My friend Katrina had told me how much worse it was for her the second time around and BOY was she right!! It's been a lot worse this time than last!
--Last time I had a hard time being in control of my emotions. I still struggle, but I think I'm doing a lot better this time than last. Mostly exciting things make me cry... You know, like when Mockingjay came out, and when I saw the first preview for Harry Potter no joke. Mostly it's exciting things that bring tears to my eyes, haha!

--My hair was all silky and shiny and my complexion got a little clearer last time.. This time my hair seems the same, but my face... ewwww can you say breakout city?!?!

--RLS- (restless leg syndrome) booo. Last time I had it about 4-6 nights a week and wouldn't be able to sleep, my leg(s) would just be flying all over the place tap tap tapping away. This time I've had it here and there, but whenever it's bad, a good leg rub from Jacob definitely keeps it from being too much (lets hope it stays this way!!)

--My excitement is different this time. Last time as soon as I made my ultrasound appt, I started counting down the days. on any given day I could give you the amount of weeks, days and probably hours until we found out what we were having. This time- well it's next week and I've rescheduled the appt 3 times now! Not that I'm not excited, because I am VERY excited. It's just different. The anticipation isn't killing me like it was last time. But I am excited to see :) Also just other things. I get excited to go to my appointments just because it means I have something to DO that day outside the house. I don't get excited to see how big I'm measuring or see how fast the heart beat is, etc.

My brain feels fried from writing, I'm going to add more to this post later...


Katrina said...

oooo...that would be so exciting if you had a boy! We would be twinners even more! :) hehe

If your pregnancies are anything like mine (COMPLETELY different with a boy and a girl) then it sounds like it's a boy to me too! :) It's so hard with the 2nd though...cuz you just don't know what your body is like. :)

What day do you actually find out?! We need to play again soon...this week maybe?

Danelle and Alex said...

Its amazing how different pregnancies can be so different! This one is way different for me too. I had that ligament pain too, it kills! I haven't had it this time. But the only way I could get it to go away was with heat. My doctor said it was fine. I put a rice bag on it for 5-10 minutes and it went away. I feel for you though! Its awful!

Charles and Nancy said...

I'm glad that this pregnancy is going better for you in some aspects. It's no fun to feel sick all the time so I am glad that you don't. Both my pregnancies were pretty similar so I thought I was having another boy but I guess not. Anyway, I hope things continue to go well for you. I'm excited to find out what you are having!

Cynthia said...

Just a thought about your RLS and round ligament pain. Drink more milk. I am serious, Nick learned about it in Biology-and it works. :) Good Luck, I have also heard Bananas help.