Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here's our pumpkin we carved this year! Pretty cool, huh? Jacob did most of it :)

10 months?!?!?

That's right 10 months.. Apparently there is a new wives tale floating around that says pregnancy is 10 months... I'd like to clear this up for those of you who are confused. The first time I heard it when I was pregnant with Samantha I literally laughed aloud. I'm kinda one of those people that thinks about things a lot in my head. In the car I zone out and just think about how the numbers on license plates go together. For example: 78254.. I would eventually come to the conclusion that 7x8-2 is 54. And I even put the parentheses around it in my head, if needed for order of operation.

Anyway, needless to say I have known probably since I was 8 that there are Not 4 weeks in a month.. There are almost 4 1/2 (with the exception of Feb.) Let's do simple math here.. If there were 4 weeks in every month.. There would be 48 weeks a year, but there are Not 48 weeks a year, there are 52 weeks and 1 day. (unless it's leap year, but we aren't going to go into leap year.)

So back to pregnancy being 10 months (haha). I can see how those who haven't thought about how many weeks are really in a month could think this. You know, 4 weeks in a month, pregnancy is 40 weeks long.. 10 months, simple math!

To further prove my point, I have taken the minute or 2 to literally go through the calendar and count out 40 weeks. OK so they base your due date on 40 weeks after the first day of your last period. Say I began my period on March 1, 2010. My due date would be December 6, 2010. That's right.. 9 months, 5 days. If you want to get even more technical, you technically are Not even pregnant the first 2 weeks of pregnancy. For those of you who have not taken sex ed-- You ovulate and are fertilized approximately 14 days (2 weeks) after the first day of your period. Which takes us down to about 8 months 3 weeks (or 38 weeks) of actual pregnancy.

We are already pregnant 9 long months, why turn it into 10? So men can feel all bad for us? Well, they don't. They wish pregnancy was shorter just as much as we do!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

here it is.....

the baby bump at just under 6 months!

Duck pond!

Now the weather is finally not boiling roasting toasting and finally acting the way fall weather should, Samantha and I have been going to the duck pond at BYU once or twice a week for the past few weeks! It's been fun, I have a friend that lives right across the street from the duck pond and sometimes Sam and I will go before/after we pick her up/drop her off, or sometimes we meet Jacob there during one of his long breaks (MWF he has a 4 hr break between classes). Anyway it's been a ton of fun, Samantha really LOVES the ducks!

Blowing kisses to the ducks (she blows kisses at everything these days, her latest favorite to do it at is pumpkins)
Throwing bread to the ducks!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yesterday Samantha officially turned 2!

She had an appt a few weeks ago and weighed in at a whopping 23 1/2 pounds putting her in the 10-15% and I don't remember how tall she was, but it fell just under 50%, so she's a pretty small little girl!

She is so funny and has such a fun little personality! She is obsessed with owies and loves kissing them and getting them kissed to make them better. Lately she has been shrieking just for the sake and fun of shrieking and we told her that if she kept doing it she was going to get owies in her throat (she had stayed up all night coughing the night before because of her excessive shrieking) and she ran over and kissed Jacob's throat and said 'all better'.

She's pretty smart and getting better and better about talking in sentences.

She is becoming very polite and has started saying 'please' 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' without being prompted every time.

She has ZERO desire to learn colors. She knows that anything bright pink is pink, but that is all! As hard as I try, she just ignores me, haha.

She is still deathly afraid of the poop and the toilet. Plus, her bladder apparently isn't ready for potty training yet. So far everything I've read says that they should go 1-3 hours with a dry diaper as a sign their bladder muscles are ready. She still squirts every 15-20 minutes. This is frustrating to me, because I REALLY want to potty train her before her baby brother comes along.

She loves babies and loves helping mommy. I don't know if it's a good thing. It takes me almost 15 minutes to unload the dishwasher when she 'helps' as opposed to the normal 5, and I make sure to fold laundry while she is asleep because that takes even longer with her, haha!

She still loves to dance. She LOVES her play doh and finger paint she got for her birthday. I think coloring is still her favorite activity other than taking care of her 'babies'

She loves owls- they are definitely her favorite animal, followed closely by lions. I think the only reason she even likes lions is because they growl, and she loooves growling.

She loves clothes and shoes... Jacob doesn't like this part one bit!

When Jacob gets home she yells "Hi, Babe!!" very enthusiastically. (I always call him 'babe' and that's how I greet him...) Sometimes when she is calling for him she says "Jacooob!"

Lately when she is being naughty (finds a tube of chapstick or something else she knows she isn't supposed to play with) she runs in her room and shuts the door.. Little does she know that's what I take as my cue to go check on her, haha

She tells us she is hungry by lifting up her shirt, pointing at her tummy and saying 'it hurts!!!!'

She doesn't cry when she wakes up and wants out of bed anymore (and hasn't for awhile now). It's just "Momma! Momma! Dadda!" over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until we finally go get her.

She is a fun little girl and always keeps us laughing. We love her so much and are so happy she is part of our family!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bananas.. the pregnancy cure all?

I think that we as pregnant women underestimate the power of a banana. My first pregnancy I had No clue how amazing this fruit is. This time around when dealing with morning (or 24 hr as I like to call it) sickness my wise sister told me to eat a banana every morning. Ok, so it didn't cure the morning sickness, but it definitely helped enough so I could clean my house again!

When posting about pregnancy a couple months ago I said something about how bad I had RLS last time, and only get it on occasion this time. A friend of mine commented and said that her husband learned in a bio class that bananas and milk help prevent twitching muscles and RLS and such things. I told Jacob and he explained to me what he learned in bio and how it made perfect sense because of some scientific thing or other..haha! Since then I have been eating a few bananas a week and drinking lots and lots of milk and guess what? NO RLS! yay! I just had to share, because I had no idea my first pregnancy and reeeeally wish I would have!

It's official..

Samantha no longer sucks her thumb!! So they say your child should stop finger sucking and/or taking a pacifier by the time they are 2 1/2 to prevent permanent dental problems. Samantha will be 2 on Wednesday, and I wanted her done by age 2. She's DONE! Her thumb hasn't been anywhere near her mouth since Wednesday night last week. Last Wednesday this beauty came to me in the mail (not randomly, I ordered it off Amazon)

It worked like a charm! I wasn't going to put it on until that evening because nap time is the best time of day, but she found it in my purse and brought it to me all open and with a little smeared on her hands going "prettys!" (she loves nail polish) sooo I washed it off as best I could.. but it doesn't really wash off, haha. Anyway it was funny, the rest of the afternoon when she would habitually put her thumb in her mouth she'd immediately pull it out with a disgusted look on her face and say 'gross'. she didn't associate it with the "nail polish" she'd put on earlier, and she didn't associate it with mom and dad... it was kinda like her thumb just now tastes bad and that's the way life is. There were no tears, no drama, no traumatic moments, nothing. It was wonderful. Much easier than the pacifier removal horror stories I hear :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just to clarify...

We've had a LOT of people ask us if #2 was an accident. I just want to say: NO. Not even a tiny bit!!! We felt SO strongly that it was time, and we are so so excited that the Lord has blessed us and that we get to welcome another of His children into our home.

What I don't get.. why does everyone ask? It's not like him and Sam will even be close together- they will be 2 yrs and 3-4 months apart. Now, if they were like, 18 months, I would understand the questions.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sam's Birthday Party!

We celebrated Samantha's birthday 2 weeks early because my parents and a brother were in town visiting and we figured we might as well so that she could have a party, plus she doesn't know it wasn't the 20th.. so if you ask her how old she is, she'll tell you 2, even though she's still got a few days.

I'm incredibly proud of the cake I made her- it's all homemade, not store bought, including the owl and bird. My friend Mary helped me and we had a LOT of fun!:

Samantha with her new snow boots, Uncle Mat, and grandpa

tearing off the wrapping paper

posing for the camera in her new skirt and new shoes!

Getting ready to blow out the candles-- we were all very impressed, she knew exactly what to do with the candles and blew them out w/o any trouble!

Mom and Dad got her fingerpaint!! She loves it and we let her make her first painting that night.

Grandpa showed her that her body makes a great mural for painting...

Right before bath time, what a mess!

It was a really fun evening, thank you everyone for presents, she really and truly loves every single thing she received!!

President Packer

I just wanted to write this post and say that I love and sustain President Boyd K. Packer!!!! I listened attentively to his beautiful talk during conference and didn't even realize that there was anything to be discussed until people started posting things on facebook about saying they support Pres. Packer, or how offended they were.... To those who are/were offended I just want to say this: The Lord will not allow a prophet (President Packer is a prophet) to lead us astray. It's that simple.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Well this beautiful (though very warm) weekend has been interesting. Poor Jacob has had a rough time! I threw my back out yesterday morning and couldn't even walk or hardly move. It really was a good time for it to happen though. I didn't have anywhere I had to be, I was planning on sitting around watching conference anyway, so it kind of helped force me to stay relaxed. Samantha got a stomach bug that's been coming out the lower end... We thought yesterday was nasty, until today came along, haha! Lucky for me Jacob is awesome and I really did find the perfect weekend to injure myself, and haven't had to change any of the nastiness! Isn't he so sweet? Anyway I'm fine now.. Walkin like a champ, ha, so no worries! (oh and if any of you have any recommendations on one of those maternity support belts, let me know!)

Wasn't conference so amazing?? I love conference, they always say exactly what I need to hear.. and truth be told it was nice not having family around and having it be just us- I got a lot more out of it and was able to listen to more of it with only Samantha and Jacob as distractions. So each time conference ends, I like to set a couple of simple goals for myself to work on until the next time. I'm not really one for sharing that type of stuff, but there is one thing I really wanted to put out there:

Last week in Sacrament Meeting, the talks were on what they are usually on the week before conference-- and that is: conference. Ha. Anyway I just remember one of the speakers said that the general authorities (and other speakers, I imagine) rewrite their talks 13-16 times!!!!!! That is a lot! The point she was making with it was that if they are rewriting their talks that many times and putting that much effort into it, we should probably be listening to them more than once or twice and reading them more than once or twice. I sometimes will put on conference to listen to while I'm doing things around the house, but I am definitely still guilty of not listening to/reading the talks as often as I should. So this time my goal is this: Listen to each talk at least 5 times, and Read each talk at least 2 times.

I just want to challenge those of you who read my blog (which I know isn't that many, haha) to do better than you did last time. If that means you only have to listen to them again once and read them once, then do it! We need to take advantage of the words of our living prophets!!