Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 months?!?!?

That's right 10 months.. Apparently there is a new wives tale floating around that says pregnancy is 10 months... I'd like to clear this up for those of you who are confused. The first time I heard it when I was pregnant with Samantha I literally laughed aloud. I'm kinda one of those people that thinks about things a lot in my head. In the car I zone out and just think about how the numbers on license plates go together. For example: 78254.. I would eventually come to the conclusion that 7x8-2 is 54. And I even put the parentheses around it in my head, if needed for order of operation.

Anyway, needless to say I have known probably since I was 8 that there are Not 4 weeks in a month.. There are almost 4 1/2 (with the exception of Feb.) Let's do simple math here.. If there were 4 weeks in every month.. There would be 48 weeks a year, but there are Not 48 weeks a year, there are 52 weeks and 1 day. (unless it's leap year, but we aren't going to go into leap year.)

So back to pregnancy being 10 months (haha). I can see how those who haven't thought about how many weeks are really in a month could think this. You know, 4 weeks in a month, pregnancy is 40 weeks long.. 10 months, simple math!

To further prove my point, I have taken the minute or 2 to literally go through the calendar and count out 40 weeks. OK so they base your due date on 40 weeks after the first day of your last period. Say I began my period on March 1, 2010. My due date would be December 6, 2010. That's right.. 9 months, 5 days. If you want to get even more technical, you technically are Not even pregnant the first 2 weeks of pregnancy. For those of you who have not taken sex ed-- You ovulate and are fertilized approximately 14 days (2 weeks) after the first day of your period. Which takes us down to about 8 months 3 weeks (or 38 weeks) of actual pregnancy.

We are already pregnant 9 long months, why turn it into 10? So men can feel all bad for us? Well, they don't. They wish pregnancy was shorter just as much as we do!!


Trev and Whit said...

Haha I'm so glad you posted this! I can't even count how many people I've had to explain the exact same thing to! It drives me crazy when people say we are pregnant for 10 months!

Angela B said...

I always thought that the "10th Month" referred to going over your due date- Because you were pregnant longer than the average 9 months.

Katrina said...

Love this post! Shows you are so pregnant and can't think about much else! ;) jk but I agree, pregnancy is too long no matter how long it is. However, I believe there are specific reasons god made it that way...so I try not to be too unhappy or grumpy about it-despite how much I have waiting and am uncomfortable! :) don't worry, I'm the worst at being content while pregnant! :)

Sharon said...

So excited for you. At least you have most of the months out of the way.

lindsay gwynn walton said...

oh my freak THANK YOU! I seriously hate hate hate it when people say 10 months. And you really don't have to be that bright to figure out that's not true. Seriously, this drives me crazy.

:) Sorry for all the comments. I just discovered your blog!