Monday, October 18, 2010

Bananas.. the pregnancy cure all?

I think that we as pregnant women underestimate the power of a banana. My first pregnancy I had No clue how amazing this fruit is. This time around when dealing with morning (or 24 hr as I like to call it) sickness my wise sister told me to eat a banana every morning. Ok, so it didn't cure the morning sickness, but it definitely helped enough so I could clean my house again!

When posting about pregnancy a couple months ago I said something about how bad I had RLS last time, and only get it on occasion this time. A friend of mine commented and said that her husband learned in a bio class that bananas and milk help prevent twitching muscles and RLS and such things. I told Jacob and he explained to me what he learned in bio and how it made perfect sense because of some scientific thing or other..haha! Since then I have been eating a few bananas a week and drinking lots and lots of milk and guess what? NO RLS! yay! I just had to share, because I had no idea my first pregnancy and reeeeally wish I would have!


The Tidwell Blog said...

Nicole! Hey! How are you guys? It has been forever since we talked to you two. We are so excited for you guys and your little boy on the way! Don't worry. You will be great with a boy. You just learn as you go with all of them:) I was way excited when I found your blog! If you want to follow ours it hope all is well!

Stephanie said...

Hmmm... I guess I'll have to eat bananas more often, because I sure hate 24 hour sickness (for 6 months! urgh!)

Pregnancy #4 is going to rock this world! I am glad your #2 is going so much better than #1 though.

Cyn said...

Just wanted to point out, I said milk at the same time. :) lol

Glad you are feeling better this time around. What are the chances of you developing that rash again?
It is Cyn btw from my craft blog account.

Katrina said...

so glad it is better for you this time! I know you were miserable last time. Who would've thought that bananas were the key!?! :)

Cynthia said...

You are so funny! You didn't have to change your post. :) I was just pointing out that I am smart too! I hope you don't get the rash again! 30% is pretty good-right?