Sunday, October 10, 2010

President Packer

I just wanted to write this post and say that I love and sustain President Boyd K. Packer!!!! I listened attentively to his beautiful talk during conference and didn't even realize that there was anything to be discussed until people started posting things on facebook about saying they support Pres. Packer, or how offended they were.... To those who are/were offended I just want to say this: The Lord will not allow a prophet (President Packer is a prophet) to lead us astray. It's that simple.


Charles and Nancy said...

I loved his talk and had no clue either. And I agree with you totally.

Rebecca & Jeff said...

THANK YOU so much for saying this! Seriously, it is one of my biggest pet peives and I have no way to say it nicely to people, so thank you for saying this in the perfect way. p.s. super cute cake! Happy Birthday Sam!!

Stephanie said...

Haha. I totally knew this whole stink would be coming. One of the biggest questions that seems to exist in the LDS community of my hometown is whether or not homosexuality is something that was chosen or given as a trial. I was kind of torn. I thought it was maybe some of both, but leaned towards most people having chosen, so we he said what he did I just stopped, looked up and said "did you hear what he just said?" And then I started laughing because I knew what would come of it. However, I totally believe 100% that what he said is true. Life, the gospel, Heavenly Father's planning - it's all very logical and easy to understand. Go Packer!