Sunday, October 3, 2010

Well this beautiful (though very warm) weekend has been interesting. Poor Jacob has had a rough time! I threw my back out yesterday morning and couldn't even walk or hardly move. It really was a good time for it to happen though. I didn't have anywhere I had to be, I was planning on sitting around watching conference anyway, so it kind of helped force me to stay relaxed. Samantha got a stomach bug that's been coming out the lower end... We thought yesterday was nasty, until today came along, haha! Lucky for me Jacob is awesome and I really did find the perfect weekend to injure myself, and haven't had to change any of the nastiness! Isn't he so sweet? Anyway I'm fine now.. Walkin like a champ, ha, so no worries! (oh and if any of you have any recommendations on one of those maternity support belts, let me know!)

Wasn't conference so amazing?? I love conference, they always say exactly what I need to hear.. and truth be told it was nice not having family around and having it be just us- I got a lot more out of it and was able to listen to more of it with only Samantha and Jacob as distractions. So each time conference ends, I like to set a couple of simple goals for myself to work on until the next time. I'm not really one for sharing that type of stuff, but there is one thing I really wanted to put out there:

Last week in Sacrament Meeting, the talks were on what they are usually on the week before conference-- and that is: conference. Ha. Anyway I just remember one of the speakers said that the general authorities (and other speakers, I imagine) rewrite their talks 13-16 times!!!!!! That is a lot! The point she was making with it was that if they are rewriting their talks that many times and putting that much effort into it, we should probably be listening to them more than once or twice and reading them more than once or twice. I sometimes will put on conference to listen to while I'm doing things around the house, but I am definitely still guilty of not listening to/reading the talks as often as I should. So this time my goal is this: Listen to each talk at least 5 times, and Read each talk at least 2 times.

I just want to challenge those of you who read my blog (which I know isn't that many, haha) to do better than you did last time. If that means you only have to listen to them again once and read them once, then do it! We need to take advantage of the words of our living prophets!!


The HDTD Family said...

I will take the challenge! Thanks Nicole! Love you.

Katrina said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend-sorry about your back and sam being sick. Yuck! What a great guy you have! :)
I will definitely be reading these talks later...I hope more than once. It's so hard to get as much out of conference anymore with 2 little when I go read the talks again, I'm afraid some of them may feel like the first time for me.:( great challenge though! I agree-so worth it to know what our prophet is asking us to do in these days!

Weston and Crystal said...

Hey Nicole,
I don't know anything about the maternity back brace thing, but I know someone you could ask. If you want, ask Ila (Lund) Busch, she recently got one, but I don't know how well it is working for her.

Rachel said...

Good goals! I need to be better about reading them all. I usually only get about half-way through the conference issue ensign...

So sorry you hurt your back, but good timing, nonetheless! :)