Thursday, November 4, 2010


Here it is, my oh so typical Halloween post. A little late. We went as Monster's Inc. Jacob was Sully (though not a very good one.. but hey, it we had a very small budget and only cost a couple dollars to do all 3 costumes) and I hope Sam and I's are more obvious. Although the wings don't really go with her costume, she got those from Tinkerbell who was also at the party we went to on Friday night.

Saturday was a fun day. Since she was officially old enough to go do all the activities around town (they all said ages 2-12) We took Samantha to the provo mall in the early afternoon for a few activities and trick or treating and she had a lot of fun. After that we went trick or treating along Center Street and she also had a lot of fun there. She would say "treat" instead of trick or treat, but oh well! We were going to go to the Monster Mash party in the Riverwoods, but decided against it since it was pouring rain! We also were going to trick or treat around the neighborhood, but didn't make it very far, even with an umbrella! It was really cold windy and rainy! So we decided to go to university mall... I don't recommend this to anyone. For multiple reasons. 1-- It took us about 45 minutes to acquire 8 pieces of candy because it was SOOO packed. 2-- Everyone was so rushed about giving and getting the candy, they didn't even give her time to say "trick or treat" or "thank you" 3-- I didn't feel like anyone even cared about anyone else's costumes, everyone was just greedily in line anxiously awaiting their next piece of candy. and 4- there were people there who would go to one store and push their way through where it bottlenecks where the candy is being handed out, then go around the line to the next store. Not only is that annoying, but a terrible example to their kids, but oh well.

All in all it was a fun Halloween, and I kinda wished we'd stopped before we went to the university mall, but it was still fun! Samantha loved it and it made me excited for next year (we're definitely doing cooler costumes next year!)


Katrina said...

I love love love it! Isn't it so fun that we ended up doing the same thing this year?! :) haha I think your Mike Wazowski is just the best! Yay for a perfectly shaped baby bump! :)
Cute cute cute! And good job on posting about Halloween...I keep thinking about doing it but still haven't found the tiem to do it... :( Maybe tomorrow??

Jessica said...

LOVE your costume!

lindsay gwynn walton said...

whatever! you're costumes are seriously AMAZING! so cute!