Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Put some windex on it"

Jacob and I seem to be saying that to each other a lot lately. Except with the word "aquaphor" instead of windex. (For those who are lost on the quote, think My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

The stuff is amazing! We got some because Samantha gets eczema and the doctor recommended it. We put it on her after every bath, sometimes mixing it with a little prescription cream if we feel like she needs it. I'd heard of moms with cloth diapers using it as a diaper rash cream (because they can't use the zinc oxide on the cloth ones.. ruins them somehow). Samantha has sensitive skin and gets nasty rashes easily. Now when we see one start coming on we whip out the aquaphor and it's gone by the next diaper change! So nice! We have also used it on cuts, scrapes, scabs, cracked heels, chapped and cracked lips. It's kind of like vaseline, but not. It absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't leave you feeling gooey and yucky. Anyway we love it. We like it better than Desitin , A+D ointment, Balmex, Butt paste, etc. for diaper rashes, and the many other things it does are great too! (though I have yet to try it on a zit!)

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Katrina said...

That's so good that it is working so well. Kamryn and Kyler both have a little bit of exzema as well but neither case has been bad or painful yet so vaseline has been fine. But I will definitely keep this in mind if my kids do have something worse come up! :)