Wednesday, December 29, 2010

dooo do do

So we are stuck in Idaho for now. We were going to go home yesterday, but Jacob was eager to eat the duck he shot, so we stayed so we could eat it. It tasted nothing like chicken and a lot like beef. Not what I expected. Anyway it's been snowing and blowing like crazy here and apparently snowing like crazy at home, sooo here we are. Maybe we will go home tomorrow, maybe not til Friday. We will see.

Samantha calls every mom or woman she likes "Momma". This includes many of my friends, nursery leaders, my mom, and my sister. She's been doing it for months, but I keep forgetting to record it. It does bug me a little, but oh well. :)

We have had a LOT of fun here, and she is such a little goon. She provides a LOT of entertainment. Today marks 5 weeks left of pregnancy! Crazy! I'm getting BIG. I don't think I'm going to take any pictures... Too embarrassing.

OH and I just want to add this: Remember my post about cleaning the temple? Jacob and I were able to go on Tuesday while grandma babysat, and it was cool. We both had a whole new appreciation for the temple, that we could never have had if we hadn't helped clean. So, if you get the opportunity, TAKE IT!! It really was neat.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First ER trip

So we are here in Idaho for Christmas break. So far, so good. We apparently left behind a huge snowstorm, which is super sad, because snow never sticks around for long in Utah, so it will probably be gone by the time we get back (but I've got my fingers crossed it'll stay!) It's been good.

My poor little girl had her first trip to the ER. Don't worry, it wasn't really an 'emergency', but no one else in Rexburg would take our insurance, and she NEEDED to see a doctor. Just for the same old, same old- her asthma. I get so frustrated with her asthma sometimes. She is on singulair, which is supposed to help (and it definitely does) but she always has her bad reactions when we can't go to her normal doctor-- the weekends or when we're out of town. Anyway she could hardly breathe, she was wheezing Really badly. After 2 albuterol treatments and no improvement, we started calling around and ended up in the ER. After 2 breathing treatments, a chest x-ray, a test for rsv (do you know how dreadful that test is? Poor girl) an oral steroid, a steroid shot with a giant needle, and a prescription for steroids, they sent us on our way. Basically she had a small chest cold (but no fever, runny nose, etc.) and her asthma just took over. so sad.

It's been a fun trip, and I'm glad it happened at the beginning and that she is doing so much better and should have fun the rest the time!

Something cool

So I have never in my life heard of a temple being cleaned by members who are asked to volunteer. Maybe this is something that happens elsewhere, or maybe they just don't ask people in the BYU stakes. Anyway, my mom asked us if we wanted to go help clean the Rexburg temple on Monday night because their ward was the ward doing it. Anyway we went, and it was a super cool experience. Our group got to vacuum and clean the ordinance rooms and celestial room. Some of the things they do to clean are so cool. They have this carpet rake that they use to get rid of footprints, and it makes it look soooo good! Want to know what else is cool? People go clean Every. Single. Night. (ok, so not Sunday..) From 9:45-midnight. But they vacuum, dust, shine, and polish EVERY night! Cool, huh?? That's why the temple is so clean. They clean the whole thing every night! And they do stuff like clean the light fixtures once a week. Crazy, huh? We were talking to the guy who was over our little cleaning group and he was telling us all about it. (Him and a few other guys are there until 5 a.m. pretty much just cleaning all night). Stuff I do once or twice a year, they do once a week! Anyway it was a really neat experience, and I'm kinda hoping we can do it again sometime. (hopefully when I'm not large with child, haha)

Monday, December 13, 2010


Samantha has been doing really well lately. She has been getting shy around strangers, which is weird for Jacob and I because we are used to going to the store and having her yell "Hi!" at the top of her lungs and wave and smile at everyone. She's a little smarty pants (I'm sure everyone says that about their kids though) and we love her so much! Last weekend we went to Idaho because my sister little girl Maggie was being blessed! Samantha LOVES baby Maggie. It made me excited for when Baby ? makes his appearance :) I didn't get a picture, but she was so cute holding little Maggie! Very precious.

Although she has been shy lately, she still is very friendly. We were at Men's Wearhouse the other day looking for a suit for Jacob, and there was another little girl there that was 3. Samantha kept going over to her saying "Come 'ere! Come 'ere!" Finally Sam went over and grabbed the girls hand and dragged her over to look at her book with her. They sat and played and chattered and looked at the book together. The other girl spoke much better English, but still seemed to understand Samantha's "Book! See? Like it?" And other condensed sentences. This is a picture of them playing together at the store:

Jacob is doing well. He has finals this week and is excited to be moving on to next semester. We're both excited for school to be over this summer! We are so excited for Christmas, and all ready to go! We only have 2 presents left to buy, which is really nice! This year we actually started budgeting for Christmas back in September. We are on a VERY tight student budget, and Jacob has been "donating" (not sure why its called a donation, since he gets paid??) plasma so that we can have some money to spend on something other than the bare necessities. Anyway, since September we have been putting in 10 bucks for our Christmas budget every time he goes, and I'm so glad we did! It's been nice to be able to spend a little bit of money on others for Christmas :)
Me? Same old. I don't like updating about myself, haha. I've been keeping really busy and time has flown by since Halloween! Thank goodness! I'm not really looking forward to January, being hugely pregnant (ok ok so I already am hugely pregnant!) and having time crawl by without the holidays, but oh well! I think I'm going to come up with a bunch of projects to do and goals for myself so I can't think about how pregnant I am :)

Baby Question Mark

That's right, baby question mark.. We are still in search of a J name.. Don't worry, we've read through all the J names about 30 times. I don't think we've missed one. Anyway, I will make a delicious baked good (I'm a good baker!) if YOU can come up with the J name we use.... Or if someone wants the responsibility of choosing, be our guest. You might think 'oh you've still got 7 weeks (yay only 7 weeks!) you have plenty of time! That's sorta true. Except we've been trying to think of one since we started thinking about having another one back in October 2009. 14 months of work and now down to 7 weeks. It FEELS like crunch time! And don't bother with the suggestion of using whatever random J name and calling him by his middle name. The middle name is chosen and not something that he could go by if he wanted to be socially accepted in this day and age!

Anyway little Baby ? is doing well. Very aggressive kicker. It's fun to watch him inside me :) Yesterday little Baby ? was sliding his leg along my stomach and you could totally see it. It was this lonng thing poking out, sliding around. I remember being able to see Samantha move around and poke me and be able to identify legs feet bum and head, but I don't remember her sliding like that. It was cool.

Things are going well. I've been itchy, but that definitely doesn't mean cholestasis is back! Time and tests will tell with that! As sore as my back has been, and as bad as my heartburn has been (didn't get either of those last pregnancy) this pregnancy is still about 10 thousand times better than the last. After having Sam, I wasn't even interested in having a boy, but if these 2 pregnancies signify the difference between my boy and girl pregnancies, I want all boys! (I can always adopt a girl later)

I have a doctor appointment this afternoon with an ultrasound to make sure everything is going well- FUN.. and here is a recent pic.. I definitely wasn't this pokey-outey with Samantha, even at 37 weeks when I gave birth! oh well!


For the first time, this year we were able to go to CA to celebrate Thanksgiving. In the past Jacob hasn't ever had more than Thursday and maybe one other day off, so definitely not worth the 9 hour drive each direction to be there 9 hours! This year we were able to go for 6 days, and it was fun! Smart as we are, we didn't take any pictures.
Some highlights

-Harry Potter 7 and Chili's
-Jacob and I had a date night and watched Eat, Pray, Love (I personally recommend the movie)
-It took us 14 hours to get home because of nasty snow in UT. Actually, I take that back. The snow really wasn't that bad, it was the traffic jams and accidents and people forgetting how to drive in the snow that took forever.
-Samantha got spoiled by everyone, but only took about 2 days to get her back into her habits of saying 'please','thank you' and getting used to not being waited on hand and foot :)
-No Black Friday shopping-- it was really a relief! even though a part of me enjoys black friday shopping.. there is something thrilling about the excitement in the air, and getting up early just for that special gift for someone you love!
-We all got sick! Well, Jacob was already sick, and Samantha and I got sick the first day we were there. The last time I got sick was back at the beginning of June when we went camping with my parents.
-PRETZELS.. I ate a lot over the break... ooooooh happy day! (now I have limited myself to 1 bag every 10 days. I get to buy another bag on Wednesday!! yay!!)
-Games! Family bonding time is important, and I love playing games to bond haha :)

It was a fun trip! It's always fun to see family, but I'd have to say the worst part was being jammed into our itsy bitsy car (Jimmy rode with us) and being 7 months pregnant on a 14 hour drive!