Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Question Mark

That's right, baby question mark.. We are still in search of a J name.. Don't worry, we've read through all the J names about 30 times. I don't think we've missed one. Anyway, I will make a delicious baked good (I'm a good baker!) if YOU can come up with the J name we use.... Or if someone wants the responsibility of choosing, be our guest. You might think 'oh you've still got 7 weeks (yay only 7 weeks!) you have plenty of time! That's sorta true. Except we've been trying to think of one since we started thinking about having another one back in October 2009. 14 months of work and now down to 7 weeks. It FEELS like crunch time! And don't bother with the suggestion of using whatever random J name and calling him by his middle name. The middle name is chosen and not something that he could go by if he wanted to be socially accepted in this day and age!

Anyway little Baby ? is doing well. Very aggressive kicker. It's fun to watch him inside me :) Yesterday little Baby ? was sliding his leg along my stomach and you could totally see it. It was this lonng thing poking out, sliding around. I remember being able to see Samantha move around and poke me and be able to identify legs feet bum and head, but I don't remember her sliding like that. It was cool.

Things are going well. I've been itchy, but that definitely doesn't mean cholestasis is back! Time and tests will tell with that! As sore as my back has been, and as bad as my heartburn has been (didn't get either of those last pregnancy) this pregnancy is still about 10 thousand times better than the last. After having Sam, I wasn't even interested in having a boy, but if these 2 pregnancies signify the difference between my boy and girl pregnancies, I want all boys! (I can always adopt a girl later)

I have a doctor appointment this afternoon with an ultrasound to make sure everything is going well- FUN.. and here is a recent pic.. I definitely wasn't this pokey-outey with Samantha, even at 37 weeks when I gave birth! oh well!


Landon and Alaina said...

I have always liked the name Jamie for a boy, I am prejudiced because it is my brothers name so I think it is more manly but most people know it as a girl name. Good luck! You are so cute pregnant I love it! Also I have read books on your list and I wonder if you have ever read the Gregor books by the author of Hunger Games, they are more preteen but I have enjoyed them!

Landon and Alaina said...

Oh or I like Justin. (also another brother name :) my mom did good.

Charles and Nancy said...

Sorry that you still haven't found a name. I really don't have any great suggestions. But you are totally cute! I love that color on you! I'm glad this pregnancy is going so much better! Good luck!

Briana said...

You are BEAUTIFUL!!! And I love ya :)