Wednesday, December 29, 2010

dooo do do

So we are stuck in Idaho for now. We were going to go home yesterday, but Jacob was eager to eat the duck he shot, so we stayed so we could eat it. It tasted nothing like chicken and a lot like beef. Not what I expected. Anyway it's been snowing and blowing like crazy here and apparently snowing like crazy at home, sooo here we are. Maybe we will go home tomorrow, maybe not til Friday. We will see.

Samantha calls every mom or woman she likes "Momma". This includes many of my friends, nursery leaders, my mom, and my sister. She's been doing it for months, but I keep forgetting to record it. It does bug me a little, but oh well. :)

We have had a LOT of fun here, and she is such a little goon. She provides a LOT of entertainment. Today marks 5 weeks left of pregnancy! Crazy! I'm getting BIG. I don't think I'm going to take any pictures... Too embarrassing.

OH and I just want to add this: Remember my post about cleaning the temple? Jacob and I were able to go on Tuesday while grandma babysat, and it was cool. We both had a whole new appreciation for the temple, that we could never have had if we hadn't helped clean. So, if you get the opportunity, TAKE IT!! It really was neat.

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