Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First ER trip

So we are here in Idaho for Christmas break. So far, so good. We apparently left behind a huge snowstorm, which is super sad, because snow never sticks around for long in Utah, so it will probably be gone by the time we get back (but I've got my fingers crossed it'll stay!) It's been good.

My poor little girl had her first trip to the ER. Don't worry, it wasn't really an 'emergency', but no one else in Rexburg would take our insurance, and she NEEDED to see a doctor. Just for the same old, same old- her asthma. I get so frustrated with her asthma sometimes. She is on singulair, which is supposed to help (and it definitely does) but she always has her bad reactions when we can't go to her normal doctor-- the weekends or when we're out of town. Anyway she could hardly breathe, she was wheezing Really badly. After 2 albuterol treatments and no improvement, we started calling around and ended up in the ER. After 2 breathing treatments, a chest x-ray, a test for rsv (do you know how dreadful that test is? Poor girl) an oral steroid, a steroid shot with a giant needle, and a prescription for steroids, they sent us on our way. Basically she had a small chest cold (but no fever, runny nose, etc.) and her asthma just took over. so sad.

It's been a fun trip, and I'm glad it happened at the beginning and that she is doing so much better and should have fun the rest the time!

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Stephanie said...

Merry Christmas lady! I hope you're enjoying your day :) and your trip to Rexburg.

Justin did NAET treatments with Dr Kofford (in American Fork) and they got rid of his Asthma and Hyperglycemia as well as a billion food allergies. It's worth a try to look into at least. I guess you never really know. But I'd say at least pray about it, it's worked miracles for us. :) I just hope you can get rid of it or lessen it, so her little life isn't so hard. My little brother has an asthma attack one Christmas Eve and my dad had to scurry him home to get his inhaler. It was pretty terrifying. I, at least, wasn't quite sure if they'd make it home in enough time.