Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Something cool

So I have never in my life heard of a temple being cleaned by members who are asked to volunteer. Maybe this is something that happens elsewhere, or maybe they just don't ask people in the BYU stakes. Anyway, my mom asked us if we wanted to go help clean the Rexburg temple on Monday night because their ward was the ward doing it. Anyway we went, and it was a super cool experience. Our group got to vacuum and clean the ordinance rooms and celestial room. Some of the things they do to clean are so cool. They have this carpet rake that they use to get rid of footprints, and it makes it look soooo good! Want to know what else is cool? People go clean Every. Single. Night. (ok, so not Sunday..) From 9:45-midnight. But they vacuum, dust, shine, and polish EVERY night! Cool, huh?? That's why the temple is so clean. They clean the whole thing every night! And they do stuff like clean the light fixtures once a week. Crazy, huh? We were talking to the guy who was over our little cleaning group and he was telling us all about it. (Him and a few other guys are there until 5 a.m. pretty much just cleaning all night). Stuff I do once or twice a year, they do once a week! Anyway it was a really neat experience, and I'm kinda hoping we can do it again sometime. (hopefully when I'm not large with child, haha)

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Stephanie said...

That's so cool. Glad you got to go. :)