Monday, December 13, 2010


For the first time, this year we were able to go to CA to celebrate Thanksgiving. In the past Jacob hasn't ever had more than Thursday and maybe one other day off, so definitely not worth the 9 hour drive each direction to be there 9 hours! This year we were able to go for 6 days, and it was fun! Smart as we are, we didn't take any pictures.
Some highlights

-Harry Potter 7 and Chili's
-Jacob and I had a date night and watched Eat, Pray, Love (I personally recommend the movie)
-It took us 14 hours to get home because of nasty snow in UT. Actually, I take that back. The snow really wasn't that bad, it was the traffic jams and accidents and people forgetting how to drive in the snow that took forever.
-Samantha got spoiled by everyone, but only took about 2 days to get her back into her habits of saying 'please','thank you' and getting used to not being waited on hand and foot :)
-No Black Friday shopping-- it was really a relief! even though a part of me enjoys black friday shopping.. there is something thrilling about the excitement in the air, and getting up early just for that special gift for someone you love!
-We all got sick! Well, Jacob was already sick, and Samantha and I got sick the first day we were there. The last time I got sick was back at the beginning of June when we went camping with my parents.
-PRETZELS.. I ate a lot over the break... ooooooh happy day! (now I have limited myself to 1 bag every 10 days. I get to buy another bag on Wednesday!! yay!!)
-Games! Family bonding time is important, and I love playing games to bond haha :)

It was a fun trip! It's always fun to see family, but I'd have to say the worst part was being jammed into our itsy bitsy car (Jimmy rode with us) and being 7 months pregnant on a 14 hour drive!


Charles and Nancy said...

haha! I love your 1 bag every 10 days rule!

Katrina said...

Sounds like it was fun. Sorry about the sickness and long car rides... but thanks for the recommendation. I was wanting to see Eat Pray Love but hadn't heard a firsthand comment about it yet. Glad it was good! :)

Briana said...

I'm sad that I missed out :) We miss you!!