Monday, December 13, 2010


Samantha has been doing really well lately. She has been getting shy around strangers, which is weird for Jacob and I because we are used to going to the store and having her yell "Hi!" at the top of her lungs and wave and smile at everyone. She's a little smarty pants (I'm sure everyone says that about their kids though) and we love her so much! Last weekend we went to Idaho because my sister little girl Maggie was being blessed! Samantha LOVES baby Maggie. It made me excited for when Baby ? makes his appearance :) I didn't get a picture, but she was so cute holding little Maggie! Very precious.

Although she has been shy lately, she still is very friendly. We were at Men's Wearhouse the other day looking for a suit for Jacob, and there was another little girl there that was 3. Samantha kept going over to her saying "Come 'ere! Come 'ere!" Finally Sam went over and grabbed the girls hand and dragged her over to look at her book with her. They sat and played and chattered and looked at the book together. The other girl spoke much better English, but still seemed to understand Samantha's "Book! See? Like it?" And other condensed sentences. This is a picture of them playing together at the store:

Jacob is doing well. He has finals this week and is excited to be moving on to next semester. We're both excited for school to be over this summer! We are so excited for Christmas, and all ready to go! We only have 2 presents left to buy, which is really nice! This year we actually started budgeting for Christmas back in September. We are on a VERY tight student budget, and Jacob has been "donating" (not sure why its called a donation, since he gets paid??) plasma so that we can have some money to spend on something other than the bare necessities. Anyway, since September we have been putting in 10 bucks for our Christmas budget every time he goes, and I'm so glad we did! It's been nice to be able to spend a little bit of money on others for Christmas :)
Me? Same old. I don't like updating about myself, haha. I've been keeping really busy and time has flown by since Halloween! Thank goodness! I'm not really looking forward to January, being hugely pregnant (ok ok so I already am hugely pregnant!) and having time crawl by without the holidays, but oh well! I think I'm going to come up with a bunch of projects to do and goals for myself so I can't think about how pregnant I am :)


Katrina said...

Cute! I'm so glad you updated. I updated my blog yesterday and I wondered what was going on in YOUR life and saw that you hadn't been on here lately either! :) Guess you got my vibe and did it today! haha :)

I love the baby bump picture in your next post! So cute! He really is poking out more than Sam, isn't he! :) (although, I think that shirt helps it look bigger than it probably is!)

Sorry about the name loss. Totally understand. Good luck. You'll figure out something. (and feels like crunch time--but it is 7 weeks! After Christmas, that's all you'll be thinking about. So we'll have to play lots to distract you!) :) haha

Sharon said...

Glad you are excited for Christmas. I really want a baked good, but I already know you don't like any J names. I'm kind of thinking you just need to bag the family tradition thing. It's been done many times before. Look, Zacharias did it with his son. That worked out just fine. Good luck!