Friday, January 21, 2011

Jase is here!

Our beautiful son joined our family Wednesday morning! 7lb. 7oz. 19.5 inches. Mom and baby are doing great, and we couldn't be a happier family of 4!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I know I said no more belly shots. But I had to take a picture last night, because I want to remember how 'ball' shaped I am. I am carrying SO different this time around! Anyway it's Huge. I'm Huge. One day he will come out, right?

On a happier note- Jacob took me on a REALLY fun date last night! It was the perfect date to go on at 37 1/2 weeks pregnant. It was our 'last date' before baby comes and also, his bday is on Tuesday, so we were celebrating that! We went to Tucano's (yay birthday club!) and it was really good. We haven't been since we went for his bday last year, and it was a LOT better experience this time! Seriously, don't go there for lunch. Spend the extra $5 and go for dinner. It's probably 5x better. And their Brazilian lemonades-- yummo! Then we went to Color Me Mine and made a cute mug. Seriously, I think it is going to turn out sooo good. I will post a picture of it after we get it back- it's going to be That amazing. :) It was the perfect activity because it allowed me to release all of my creative energy, yet I didn't have to exert myself. I'm very sore lately and most things aren't fun for me, so it was perfect. So relaxing and rejuvenating.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

An upgrade

My sister told me to update my blog. I feel like nothing interesting is going on, because the thing of most interest is still inside my uterus!!!

BUT we did upgrade our vehicle! yay! We used to drive an 03 neon. Killer car ;) Anyway there was barely room for the 3 of us, and to put a second carseat in it was just ridiculous! After months of thinking about it, we ruled out SUVs (we REALLY wanted to pay cash and not have a car payment, and one that will last was out of price range) We also wanted one that would last us til Jacob is done with grad school, plus a little longer. So 3-5 years. And we really are Not planning on having any more kids until he is done with grad school, but I have seen way too many couples have "oops" babies, plus sometimes the Lord's plans are different than ours :) Anyway, we realized that left us with a minivan as an option. That's right, we now drive a minivan! Crazy, huh?!

This isn't ours, but this is the same color and model. nice huh? You know you're jealous of our minivan-ness ;)

Want to know the best part? It is an 03 with a PERFECTLY clean carfax and only 36,000 miles on it. Not bad, huh? It really hadn't been driven much. The only thing is that the inside is taupe and the back rows of seats are tan. (ha, taupe and tan.. seriously that's the difference- barely noticeable) anyway because of that we got a pretty great deal on it. Anyway apparently the only other owner was for a guy in a wheelchair and so the seats were removed, and when they put it back to normal, they used tan seats instead of taupe. We are excited.
OH and if you know anyone looking for a small car that looks like this (again, not our car but same color and model) give them our number, it's for sale!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So blessed

These last few days have been really hard and stressful for me. I've kind of been freaking out about being a mom again and how I am going to handle it. It really never concerned me before, I always just knew I could do it.. until a week or so ago when it hit me! Anyway it's been really humbling and I am so glad for it. Nothing like a big piece of humble pie to make me realize how lucky and how very very blessed I am. I have the most amazing husband. No, he isn't perfect, but he truly is perfect for me. I am so grateful for him and that he honors his priesthood. I love being able to go to him for a blessing and getting that extra comfort and peace. I am soo so grateful for the gospel and my Savior's love for me. I know that He truly loves each of us so so much! I'm so blessed to have such a good little girl. Yesterday morning I was feeling very ill. I couldn't get warm and my whole body ached, I could hardly move. I laid in bed with the covers all around me trying to get warm and brought a few toys up on the bed for Sammi to play with, and she stayed there with me for an hour and a half!! She would play, then come over and kiss my cheek and say "love you mommy" or crawl under the covers with me for a minute or two and say "I cuddle!" She really is such a good little girl, I'm so lucky.
My friends and family have also been a great support for me, and I love all of you so much! (that sounded really cheesy, but know that I mean it sincerely)

New Years Resolution

This year I thought a LOT about what I could do for a New Years resolution. I don't know if anyone else is like this, but most years if I make a list of goals, it ends up being about 20 goals long because there's so many things I want to change, and I do it for a day or 2 and end up feeling bad about myself because I can't keep them all (go figure.. who can set that many goals and actually keep them?) I decided this year I would set ONE. ONE goal. That's it. I want to add another one in every few months, but I really felt like I needed to just pick one thing and then do it for the whole year. Obviously I am going to try to be better about doing all of the little things in life that are important, but I really wanted just one thing to CHANGE about myself. Not the same old habits of 'eat this many calories a day' or 'only 2 desserts a week' or 'read my scriptures EVERY day' or 'go to the temple twice a month' etc etc etc.. (oh and not saying those aren't good things-- they are, and I am definitely trying to be better at them!) I wanted to make a change in ME. Not my habits and routine but just change something about myself that I could implement into my life and that will make me a better person forever.

Curious what I decided on? Here it is:

My goal for this year is to simply be a more uplifting mother. That's it. I feel like I tell Samantha 'no' a lot, and that I get after her about everything. I decided I want to build up my children, and help them have greater confidence in themselves. I don't want to be a degrading mother that is always nitpicking at her kids and making them feel bad about themselves. I want to try to focus on the positive things Samantha (and the rest of my kids!) is doing, and not the negative.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Panic Mode

Panic Mode has officially set in. I'm kinda freaking out about this whole being a mom again thing. How am I supposed to be a mom of 2? I am Not excited for the first 6 months, and especially not excited for the first 2 months. The first two months mean no sleep. And now, since I have Samantha they REALLY mean no sleep! I most likely will be taking care of Sam or the house during his naps.. Oh well. And what if he has colic?! Sammi had some nasty colic. 6-8 hours a day.. every day.. Pretty sure I lost my sanity then, and it will just be worse with a toddler around to take care of. Anyway I have less than 5 weeks left. I know people with their first pregnancies can't wait to get their baby out, and that's definitely how I was the first time, but MAN, it seems like it's all coming so fast! How do I prepare for this?! How am I ever going to sleep again? How am I going to have time to do anything?? How am I going to keep a clean house? I Hate when my house is dirty. Like, really really hate it.

Oh and just so everyone knows I think we are going with Jase for a name. Not our first pick- but oh well, that's life.