Thursday, February 10, 2011

The life of a pumping mom of 2!

I know everyone wants to hear my birth story. That is coming later. For now, I just wanted to write one little entry while I have a spare 15 minutes (assuming Jase stays asleep that long!). I have about 5 posts I need to write over the next couple of weeks, and wanted to jump on getting at least one done.

So pumping. Holy cow it's a lot different pumping with 2 kids rather than 1!! So, obviously breastfeeding didn't work out this time, which I am fine with. I don't have time to go into the details, but this time around I decided my No.1 priority was to enjoy him as a newborn, simply because last time I spent a long time being frustrated/depressed and even a little resentful of Samantha, just because breastfeeding didn't work out. I decided that was wrong, and of anything I wanted to do differently this time, it was That. Plus, my intent was to only breastfeed for about 4ish months anyway (I know, I'm a sinner!! But the hormones released during breastfeeding cause physical problems for me, and ultimately by stopping early is me putting my relationship with my hubs at a higher value than breastfeeding, which is 100% true... If anyone wants to know more about these physical problems- ask me, I'm an open book, but not to the whole internet ;))

Anyway, so breastfeeding didn't work out, BUT it is February, and I really wanted my sweet little boy to get the antibodies from breastmilk at least halfway through March during the flu/cold season. So that left pumping. I pumped for Samantha for awhile and it was a Pain. It takes 2 hands to pump, so if she ever woke up while I pumped, I either had to stop early or make her cry. Not fun. This time it's a little worse, because not only do I have a newborn, I have a toddler who is constantly in demand of my attention. Also, it doesn't help that Jase is an impossibly slow eater. In the beginning I was trying to increase my milk supply by pumping about every 2- 2 1/2 hours, but I HAD to decrease. This is how my 2ish hours would go-- 40-50 minutes to set up, pump, clean the pumping gear, and take care of my milk. Spend the next 30-50 minutes feeding Jase (see? SLOW eater). which would leave about 20-50 minutes until I had to start the whole process over again. Now, I'm not trying to complain, I definitely got myself into this, and now I only pump about 4 times a day, so it isn't as bad, but I guess mostly I wanted to discuss how pumping is the worst of both worlds (the breastfeeding and formula worlds, that is). Not only do you have to spend a LOT of extra time, you are stuck at home more, because unlike BF and formula, it isn't very transportable (I am renting one of those hospital pumps that are all big, this isn't a hand pump..) and you for sure can't do it in public. Plus you have to take care of and wash your bottles. You can't read or anything while pumping because it takes 2 hands, so it can get quite boring, you still have to deal with plugged ducts and sore nipples. It doesn't save you any money, because it's about $15/week to rent one (formula doesn't cost that much for a newborn!) .. Needless to say I'm excited to be done! I'm currently building up a nice supply in the freezer so that I won't have to pump too much longer! Thank goodness for that! Anyway, I know pumping goes a little better for some (though I haven't talked to anyone who did it with 2 kids of different ages) although the general consensus seems to be that pretty much everyone feels like they are stuck at their pump allllll the time. Which is how I feel. And it really isn't completely awful, and I'm grateful I can still give my son breast milk without getting frustrated with him.

Ahhh more posts to come soon, hopefully!


Stephanie said...

Stressful! How is Jase feeling btw? And my phone is dead or else I would be texting you... I don't get a new one until early next week.

Rachel said...

I'm with you. Pumping is the worst of both worlds. But good for you for doing what is best for your baby,you, AND your hubby. I pumped with Nate until he was 6 months. He was just simply not a good nurser and would scream and scream and scream and scream and scream and scream. Oh, and then he'd scream some more. He'd eat fine from a bottle, so I started pumping trying my best to do give my baby the best. However, pumping was horrible. And I mean that. HORRIBLE. I did it as long as I possibly could before I thought I'd go crazy.
If you lived closer I'd let you use my hand pump. It takes quite a while, but it uses only ONE hand and it's FREE. But it probably takes longer because you can only do one breast at a time. I got it from WIC when we lived in P-town.
Hang in there, girl!

Lauren said...

you are a rockstar! exclusively pumping sucks so good job keep up the good/hard work.

They make these strap things that look like a bra with nip holes you can wear while pumping and they hold the cups to your boobs. I have had a lot of friends use them they are great. You can even READ while you pump ;)

Landon and Alaina said...

I'm sure you have tried this but when I pumped I would put my arm across my body and held one pump with my hand and the other rested in the crook of my elbow. It will give you one hand but you have to be steady with your arm. You are a trooper. Keep going! PS I'm reading Envy right now, thanks for the recommendation.

Katrina said...

I just have to say I LOVE your header picture! :) So so so cute! :)

And way to post...I'm hoping to catch up a little tonight. It is amazing how fast things get away from you!

Let's play again soon. I was so sad when it was time to end the other night. Just didn't seem long enough! :)

Kendra and Caleb said...

Man, I am so sorry! I don't know about pumping with two babies but I pump when I am at work and it is not fun. I have the medela hands free double pump and it is great, if your looking to purchase one of your own. SOOOOOOOO your comment about nursing and stuff I need to know more. I think we may have a similar situation. I just blogged about this so let me know it we're on the same page??

Kendra and Caleb said...

Holy cow! I thought I was all alone! oh man! On one hand I am glad to know somebody else has this problem and on the other I am sad to know it's you. My Dr told me the same thing! Grey tissue and all. Wow. It's so good to hear that things do get back to normal. Oh why are we just blogging friends????