Thursday, February 17, 2011

UVRMC vs Orem Community

We've all heard it all before.. "Orem Community is sooo much better". When I was pregnant with Samantha and UVRMC bound, I brushed this off for exactly 1 reason: No one could tell me why it was so much better, because no one had delivered at both hospitals! I got uninformative answers when I asked why consisting of "it just is" and "the nurses are nice".

When I got pregnant with Jase, I was unconcerned with switching hospitals, but I definitely wanted a new OB! My last one(s) were horrible and never gave me the time of day. When I have a concern, I want it to be addressed, and not just brushed off and ignored, which meant I needed a new doctor! I had heard really good things about Dr. Young, and he truly is such an amazing doctor. He genuinely cares about his patients and loves babies and is so so nice. I love him! Though, I don't necessarily recommend him to everyone. If you are super low maintenance and your main concern is getting in and out of the office as fast as you can, do NOT go to him. Sometimes there is a really long wait at his office, because he'll have emergency C-sections or a bunch of deliveries, etc. and since he works by himself, sometimes he falls behind. But if you like feeling like your doctor cares about you and don't mind waiting to get extra good care, then he is for you!! (oh, and all the nurses at the hospital would comment on how much they liked him or how 'no one works harder than Dr. Young' when I told them who my doc was. Most of them go to him.) Anyway Dr. Young's office is attached to Orem Community hospital, which meant I got to deliver there! So, take it from someone who has actually delivered at both-- Orem Community is, in fact, significantly better than UVRMC. Here is why:

- the room was about 3 times as big. This is NOT an exaggeration.

- a huge jetted tub in the bathroom. Ahhhh I soaked in it multiple times while I was there.

-Not only are the nurses "nice" like I was told, but they are significantly nicer and friendlier.

-The cleaning staff is soooooo friendly. Weird? perhaps. But I totally made friends with our cleaning lady.

-Yummy food! Ok, I don't really remember much about the food at UVRMC, but it was really good at Orem Comm.

-Nourishment room. When I had Samantha Jacob spent like 20 or 30 bucks on food at the hospital, which is ridiculous (and who wants to run home and eat then come back? talk about inconvenient) At Orem Comm they have what is called a nourishment room. A room full of fruit, beverages, crackers, frozen foods like pizza and burritos and many more snacks for the husbands to eat while they are there. Very nice!

-Jacob had a fold out COUCH. At UVRMC he had a fold out Chair- very small and very uncomfortable.

Anyway, I'm sure there are more things, but it really was so much nicer and a much better experience- if you are trying to decide where to deliver, I hope this helps!


Stephanie said...

I am so going there for my next kidlet. I am thinking about a new doctor too. Maybe a midwife. I don't really care as long as it's the RIGHT person, know what I mean?

Meg said...

I really wanted to deliver at Orem Community! Mainly because of how big & nice the rooms are :) But our doctor wants us to deliver at UVRMC because of the NICU. Just in case. Hopefully next time around we can go to Orem!

Katrina said...

I am so glad you feel this way! I totally do too! (Although, I haven't delivered at UVRMC, my sister works there and my mom delivered many times there...I have seen how it is done there. They are just so busy and just so big!) :) Glad you had a good experience at Orem. So did I...with both babies! :) (however, Kyler's wasn't nearly as "friendly" a visit as Kamryn's but...can't complain too much really!) :)

3rdtimeMom said...

Thank you for posting this!! I was blog searching in hope that someone would have some sort of detailed comments on Orem Community and you are my hero! I'll definately be going there now!