Thursday, March 31, 2011

Advice needed!

Lately Samantha has had a little problem. Ok, actually she has had the problem for a long time, but it has gotten a lot worse the last month or so. After she is done playing with a friend, she throws a huge tantrum. Huge. On Tuesday we had some friends over for a couple hours and after they left she threw a huge fit and I told her if she acted that way again after playing with friends she would have to have a break with friends. Yesterday she went over to our upstairs neighbor's to play and when I went up to get her she ran and hid from me and threw a huge fit. (We had made cookies together earlier so I simply asked her if she wanted to go home and have a cookie! She didn't end up getting it because I ended up having to carry her thrashing self out). When we got home I reminded her how I'd told her that if she acted that way again we wouldn't be able to see friends for awhile, so we couldn't go see friends tomorrow (which is now today.. and I am way bummed, we had a fun invite to go see tangled which we haven't seen yet)
I'm just not sure what to do! I don't know is she fully understands what she is missing out on today. I wonder if she thinks it's just one of our boring days at home? I worry it's a bit complex for her to fully grasp the concept of her punishment, (though I always try to remember a friend of mine who told me that kids really do understand more than we think they do...who knows?!) but I don't really know what to do! Help please?
Oh and also sometimes this fit throwing branches out into other things, for example when it's time to leave the park or come inside after a walk (but not as often as leaving friends)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So I made about 7 or 8 new posts today! They are all short, besides kind of the last one! Remember I use this blog as my journal, so some of them are kinda dumb, just stuff I want to be able to look back on and remember. :)

Samantha and Jase

They have a lot of fun playing together, and Samantha doesn't even mind when Jase wins!

Samantha gives him piggy back rides...

Then Jase sits on her chest and bats her face.....
Then he thwomps her and sits on her face!
Then they do tummy time!

Her 'do!

Proof that I do actually style Samantha's hair sometimes! This is before church last Sunday. She doesn't really like to sit still long enough for me to style it, so she usually just ends up with it brushed and sometimes a bow or simple braid. oh well!

First bike ride of the season!

Jacob and Sam went on HER first bike ride since winter! (Jacob rides his bike to and from school unless it's snowing) She loves going on bike rides! I wish Jase had better head control so that I could strap him into a front pack and go too! Maybe in a few months!

Rex Lee Run

I convinced Jacob to do the Rex Lee Run with me this year, pushing the stroller. It was actually a LOT of fun, we both really enjoyed it! I was only 7 weeks postpartum, so we mostly walked, but we did a small amount of jogging downhill (actually it was mostly for my shin splints, they don't get as bad going downhill if I jog on my toes). We finished in about 43 minutes, not the best time in the world, but really, not horrible since I'd only been exercising for 3 weeks!

Baahaha at the end, poor samantha's fingers were ICY cold, because she was holding onto her cup and snack the entire time! I think she thought they were going to fall off if she let go! so sad! haha!

Samantha the baby

Samantha has been doing good adjusting to having a baby brother. She LOVES him, and thinks he is the best ever. The other night I asked her (for the first time) "Samantha, who's your best friend?" and she replied enthusiastically, "baby dase!" She wants to be just like him. We called him exasperating and Samantha immediately responded "I exasperating!" And now, when you ask her how old she is she says "2 months!" and if you try to tell her she's 2 years, she gets really mad. So funny.

So the other day I was feeding Jase and Samantha brought one of her doll's bottles to Jacob and asked to be fed.

Then I lifted Jase up to burp him and she said 'I need burp!' then did a huge fake burp and asked for more! ha!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chunky Chunkster

Well our sweet little chubby boy is super chubby!! He had his 2 month checkup today and it is fun to see the differences between him and Sam.

Samantha- 22 1/4" 10 lb. 4 oz. Jase- 22 1/4" 11 lb. 3 oz.

(I want to say that I was BORN longer than they both are/were at 2 months!)

Nice huh?! He is sooo cute and chubby :) its fun! As he is getting older it is fun to see how different their personalities are. He is Mr. Content with life (unless bathtime just ended, he is hungry, or has painful gas) but quite serious. We work SO hard to get those little smiles out of him! And Samantha has always been the biggest drama queen, from day 1! But she was a VERY smiley, VERY beam-y, happy little girl. Here is an example of her dramatics vs. his chilled- out-ness! Her 2 month shots (and every time she got shots for that matter) she screamed and howled for at least twenty minutes, whereas he cried for about 30 seconds, and whimpered for maybe another 10. It was nice!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At last!

I hate easter candy. I think jelly beans of any form and peeps and robin eggs are wretched and horrible (though I'll admit cadbury creme eggs are ok), and don't get me started on the Cadbury mini eggs. That's right. Why everyone loves them, I will never know. For me they are ranked in disgustingness at the coconut/ cough medicine level. Even the smell of them makes my stomach churn. Plus they cost an arm and a leg. $4 for 10 oz of candy is crazy. Anyway the other day I was thinking about getting some for Jacob (cause he loves them and I am a good wife..though I didn't buy them at that time!) and I saw these beauties:

I decided to try them and what do you know? An easter candy I not only like, I LOVE! Yummo! Plus it was less than half the price of those eggs!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Caught up?

No, but I did write multiple new posts tonight! Most of my recent posts have been really 'wordy' lately so I decided to give you all a break and made a bunch of 'picture-y' posts :) enjoy!

little boy :)

Starting to like bath time.

Daddy loves pulling faces with his chubby cheeks :)

He's getting SOO big!

Doing one of the things he loves most- soaking up the sun!

Samantha and Jase

I feel these pictures portray how Samantha and Jase feel about each other. Sammi is all smiles and so excited every time she gets to hold her little brother, and he either just kinda sits and tolerates it, or starts crying, haha!

Like brother, like sister

remember this post? Well, we did the same thing to Jase! Poor kids, we post such horrendous pictures of them sometimes ;)

I think they look a lot alike! (no, really though, I do!)

President's Day in Idaho

We went to Idaho for President's Day. It was fun. Jimmy went with us. The boys talked about guns and went shooting and we went to the sand dunes and went sledding! It was a lot of fun!

Ty and Sammi next to the snowman we built with her

Jacob, Jimmy and Sam
me dorkin it up!
Ty and Sam
Jimmy going penguin style!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life with Jase

I can't believe it's been SOO long since I last blogged!!! That is crazy. Things are going really well, I feel like life is settling down a little bit. When people say that 2 kids is quadruple the work of one, they are not kidding! Well, to be fair, it depends on the day. Some days are easier and I would say it's only double the work, but for the most part it's at least triple. Maybe that will change once he starts sleeping through the night and sticking to a schedule? I've been trying to get him on a schedule like crazy, but he resists :) I feel like having my kids on a good schedule is what helps keep me sane. Sanity will come soon, I hope! ;)

Life with Jase has been pretty good. He is such a sweet little guy! He is my little snuggler. I know he is only 6 weeks old, but he seems more serious than Samantha. He had his first big (non-gas) smile on Wednesday night, but has yet to show me that cute little grin again! That isn't the only reason I think he is more solemn. I can't really explain it, but his demeanor just seems more serious.

Losing pregnancy weight this time is a bit harder. When I gave birth to Jase I was within 1 pound of how much I weighed when I gave birth to Samantha. The weight seems more content to stay on this time. I started working out at 1 1/2 weeks post partum and busted out a stitch (haha! It didn't actually hurt much, but it was kinda scary!) so waited another week to work out again. I really started stepping it up and pushing myself hard at about 4 weeks. I have 6 more pounds to get to where I told myself I had to get to, and about 10 until I'm where I would like to be. Those who knew me when Samantha was about a year old and how thin I was (5'7 1/2 and 116! I had issues with fatigue and being lightheaded all the time) - do not worry, where I want to be is about 10 pounds more than that! A much healthier weight for me! I know Jase is only a little more than 6 weeks old and I should feel lucky to be where I'm at already, but I've just been working so hard at it, and wish the results would come faster! Plus, no one mentioned to me that your skin stays loose longer after the second one (ha! Now I am telling all of you guys :)).

Samantha is doing really well. She absolutely loves to help out with Jase. She is often asking to hold him and gives him hugs and kisses all day. She also loves to bring him her toys and either lay them next to him, or line them up close by where he can look at them. She is such a good big sister!

It is also harder to get things done. My only time to really accomplish anything is during Sam's nap, but I find that if Jase is asleep during Samantha's nap then I can't help but take a nap too! I usually force myself to straighten up a bit first, but I have a hard time resisting the call of my bed!

Question for all you mommies of 2 kids that share a room: Jase is currently in our bedroom with us, but him and Samantha will be sharing a room. We moved Samantha out of our room at 2 months, which was perfect. When did you guys move your kids into the same room?? I need some advice! Thanks!