Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At last!

I hate easter candy. I think jelly beans of any form and peeps and robin eggs are wretched and horrible (though I'll admit cadbury creme eggs are ok), and don't get me started on the Cadbury mini eggs. That's right. Why everyone loves them, I will never know. For me they are ranked in disgustingness at the coconut/ cough medicine level. Even the smell of them makes my stomach churn. Plus they cost an arm and a leg. $4 for 10 oz of candy is crazy. Anyway the other day I was thinking about getting some for Jacob (cause he loves them and I am a good wife..though I didn't buy them at that time!) and I saw these beauties:

I decided to try them and what do you know? An easter candy I not only like, I LOVE! Yummo! Plus it was less than half the price of those eggs!


Rachel said...

Ok, I love love love love love cadbury mini eggs. I have stayed strong this year and have yet to purchase any. This is a big deal to me. Usually by this time I've eaten my way through several bags.
Easter would be so much easier if I found them disgusting. I'm slightly jealous you don't like them. But then again, maybe not, because they are HEAVEN.

Michael said...

You are weird. Starburst Jelly Beans are where it's at!!

Stephanie said...

I can 110% relate to this post(even the coconut part) and I am super excited to try this new candy!

Ashley said...

Alden and I are obsessed with anything gummy and sour. I will have to get my hands on these!