Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Samantha the baby

Samantha has been doing good adjusting to having a baby brother. She LOVES him, and thinks he is the best ever. The other night I asked her (for the first time) "Samantha, who's your best friend?" and she replied enthusiastically, "baby dase!" She wants to be just like him. We called him exasperating and Samantha immediately responded "I exasperating!" And now, when you ask her how old she is she says "2 months!" and if you try to tell her she's 2 years, she gets really mad. So funny.

So the other day I was feeding Jase and Samantha brought one of her doll's bottles to Jacob and asked to be fed.

Then I lifted Jase up to burp him and she said 'I need burp!' then did a huge fake burp and asked for more! ha!


Briana said...

She is such a ham!! That is too funny!!

Rebecca & Jeff said...

HAHA!! I love this! Too cute!

Katrina said...

Kamryn has done the same thing!! :) silly girls!