Friday, April 29, 2011

A GREAT tip..

So I realize most people aren't really interested in health and wellness, so you don't have to read this. This is mostly because I am interested, and I really think this is an awesome tip and want to share!
So I got a month to month gym membership a few weeks ago (surprisingly inexpensive. Less per month than a 1 yr contract and I got all the fees waived) with some spending money I've been saving. With my membership I got to meet with a trainer for FREE. yay! I just have to share some insights on what the trainer said. VERY interesting. He broke down REALLY what matters when losing weight. And it all makes perfect sense when you think about it.
Nutrition is 50% of weight loss. Weights are 40%. and Cardio only 10%. I wasn't surprised by the nutrition part, but weights surprised me. But really, if you just give it a little thought, it makes perfect sense. Let me explain.
So, nutrition- really, it does matter. You WON'T lose weight unless you are consuming less calories than you are using. No. matter. what. (k fine, I guess you could get lipo or whatever else) So, eat 1 piece of pizza instead of 4, have 1/2 T of ranch instead of 3. Look at how big your portions really are, and consume less calories! And strictly weight loss speaking (healthy speaking aside!) quantity matters more than quality. If someone is eating 1200 calories of junk a day, they will lose weight faster than someone eating 2000 calories of healthier foods.
Weights- the trainer explained to me that for every pound of muscle you gain, you burn 50 more calories a day simply by existing. Gain 10 pounds of muscle and don't consume any extra calories and you'll lose a pound a week simply by breathing. FYI: 5 pounds of muscle= the size of about 3 tangerines. 5 pounds of fat= about 3 grapefruit. wow.
Then we have cardio. It really does make sense that as far as weight loss is concerned, it is only 10%. I very strongly think everyone should do cardio 3-5 times a week because it is soooo good for you, but if you think about it, you can go burn 400 calories on the treadmill, but it doesn't really keep burning later. Whereas weight lifting you get the calories burned while doing it, and it keeps giving back!
Anyway I know most people don't care, and to some this is old news, but I just never thought about the muscle thing before. Anyway, for those who care, just thought I'd put this out there!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Year From Now...

You Will Wish You Had Started Today! (or really even a couple months from now)

Now, I'm definitely Not little miss goal-oriented. But lately I've been doing more goals, and it feels good! When I saw the above quote (on Pinterest! yay, everyone should join, for real!.. oh and its not a quote site or anything, haha) I was just thinking about how HAPPY I am that I have been working towards my goals, and how true it is, that really, you just have to start something, and then before you know it, a couple months will have gone by (cause time REALLY does fly!) and you will be well on your way to completing your goal. Have you ever Not started a goal that you wanted to, then looked back and said, 'dang, if I had started 6 months ago when I wanted to, I would be there by now!' I think we all have.
K, I'm not like a motivational speaker or anything, but seriously guys! Start your goal TODAY! or better yet, NOW. Just do it! Before you know it, you will be there! Don't put it off until tomorrow!
“You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you’ve collected a lot of empty yesterdays.” -President Monson, quoting Professor Harold Hill from The Music Man

Festival of Colors

This year we were able to go to the festival of colors! yay! We are glad we were able to experience it while we're still around. It fell on the weekend we were blessing Jase, so Ariel Don and Zach were able to come too! So fun!
All of us covered :)

Before pic
More before.. Didn't get one of Bri and Zach!

My sweety :)

OK, I just had to document this eye thing. Look how cool it is! At one point during the throwing when I couldn't really breathe because the air was so thick, I was bent over squinting my eyes shut tight and someone nailed me! Cool result, huh?

Samantha's baby

Samantha still loves Jase to pieces. And he loves her back. He usually will smile for her, and he loves just watching her. The other night as I was putting Sam to bed, I had to run and go get something so laid him down on her bed and came back to find this! They were both so thrilled, haha! And Samantha was soo disappointed when I picked him up, I think she was hoping he would get to sleep with her :)


We had a really good meal on Sunday. Some baked rigatoni, baked zucchini, and french bread! YUMMM. No picture of the pasta, but I got the recipe from..... where? can you guess....Pinterest of course! I also made my baked zucchini, loosely basing it off of a recipe I found on there. OH and the zucchini? NO oil. Actually if you must know, there wasn't any fat added to anything besides the french bread (and then, less than 2 T) and all the ingredients I used were low fat. AND Jacob loved it. Low fat things taste good people! :)
The french bread recipe I got here. And it was really yummy. Really REALLY yummy. Though to be honest, it didn't taste much like french bread- more like a dinner roll. But still- delish! :)


Things have been great lately! :)
Starting to be more social!

HA, ok Samantha got into my lip gloss, and decided to kiss her baby brother (below!) so cute!

happy boy
So every once in awhile we watch our neighbors' little girl who is 10 days older than Jase. This picture was taken because they both decided out of the blue at the exact same moment that they were starving to death (funny how one minute a baby's fine, and the next they're convinced death is inevitable if they don't eat?)
Little Sam dressed up like a rockstar. She does this all by herself.

Bath time!

Jase is super funny in the bath. All he does is stare at the shiny faucet. He loves it! The first thing he does is reach for it and lean in towards it when we put him in.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Identity crisis

This is something that has been on my mind since becoming a mom, but more so lately. It struck me how very different I must be when one of my best friends described me as being someone who thinks things through... What?!?! Me????? So strange. I feel like I started discovering myself when I was about 16/17 then went off to college to finish finding out who I was! I thought I'd finished figuring it out. Then I became a mom. I guess I don't really know who I am anymore. I went from being voted "Most Spontaneous" by my senior class and my mom calling me her 'Hakuna Matata child' to being described as someone who thinks things through. I was one of those people who was super involved. I did student government , I was in a bunch of clubs, I went to all the games, etc. And I didn't do any of it with college in mind. I did it all with socializing in mind. In high school and college I was this lively, fun-loving, spontaneous, free-spirited, flighty, uninhibited, unstable, playful, adventurous, no worries, ungrounded, unreliable, self-centered person (all of those words are words other people used to describe me, though mostly siblings used the more negative ones, but I think they definitely applied :)). Accoring to the 'color code' type tests I was very much a yellow/white....And now...? I don't know who I am. One of my friends recently posted a personality test thing on her blog and I went to take it and started answering, until I realized I didn't even know how to answer. I never finished the quiz because I don't know me anymore, haha!

Through my many thoughts on this the last 2 months or so I have come to a few realizations:
-My being happy is still largely dependent on interacting with others (yes, I realize this is pathetic)
* I get into a funk when I go without socializing for more than a couple days
* It is the thing that is most rejuvenating to me. Sure, scriptures, exercising and going outside and crafting all help, but for me it isn't the same. I NEED people.
-The MOST rejuvenating thing for me is still to go on an adventure with people. It just rarely happens anymore.
* I love just saying 'hey ya wanna...(insert fun active thing here)' and then going and doing it right then and there, no questions asked.
* I hate having to plan my fun. But if I don't it never happens.
-I still care way too much about what other people think of my appearance
* I've really and truly never cared what anyone thought of my personality.. this may seem like I base everything on appearance, but not so. See, I have always been confident in my personality (therefore no reason to care what anyone thinks), but insecure about my looks. Where does this leave me now that I don't really know my personality anymore? I don't know.
-There isn't much room for adventure in my life (I'm not saying this bitterly, but matter-of-fact-ly)
* Save your 'oh but the adventures with children!' (that's NOT the kind of adventure I am referring to. I am well aware of the adventures with children) and the 'but you can still make it work, go for it'... If you say the second one, I am going to assume you are willing to watch my children for about 8 hours so I can go have one. Right, that's what I thought.
-Motherhood has forced me to be a more prepared person.
* I can't count the number of times I've forgotten stuff in the diaper bag or going on trips. Not good when you need something for your baby and you don't have it!!
-Sometimes I feel like a wild bird stuffed in a cage
* No really, I do. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to burst open because this energy inside me wants to break free!

While writing this post, I think I have come to a conclusion:
I don't think I am a whole lot different of a person. I think motherhood has forced me to develop some qualities I wouldn't otherwise possess. I think all these qualities are good ones, though very different from how I was before. The same things make me happy and help me feel good. I am basically a more mellow version of my old self, which I am sure some would say is a good thing. I think just where I am at in life right now I have very few opportunities to be so free.

What inspired me to finally write this post that I have been thinking about and forming for the last few weeks was reading a friends blog last night. She had a picture of her beautiful mother in her early 20's (I think) and said something about how we always think about our moms as just "Mom" and when we finally think of them as a 'woman' we realize we don't know anything about them at all. I was just thinking about it, and how there is so much truth to that, because I think that I am definitely a different person when I'm in 'mom' mode than I am when I'm not. And I'm usually in mom mode. Even after the kids go to bed, I don't usually switch it off. I think switching off mom mode for me is going OUT. Not to go shopping, and not on errands, but OUT for the sole purpose of having FUN, without my kids (but with other people, obviously). Doesn't happen much, but that is okay.

Just in case I come off as sounding like I am miserable and discontent as a mom I want to add this: Being a wife and mother has brought me more joy than I ever knew it was possible to experience, this post is simply about some thoughts I've had lately.