Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We had a really good meal on Sunday. Some baked rigatoni, baked zucchini, and french bread! YUMMM. No picture of the pasta, but I got the recipe from..... where? can you guess....Pinterest of course! I also made my baked zucchini, loosely basing it off of a recipe I found on there. OH and the zucchini? NO oil. Actually if you must know, there wasn't any fat added to anything besides the french bread (and then, less than 2 T) and all the ingredients I used were low fat. AND Jacob loved it. Low fat things taste good people! :)
The french bread recipe I got here. And it was really yummy. Really REALLY yummy. Though to be honest, it didn't taste much like french bread- more like a dinner roll. But still- delish! :)

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