Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Year From Now...

You Will Wish You Had Started Today! (or really even a couple months from now)

Now, I'm definitely Not little miss goal-oriented. But lately I've been doing more goals, and it feels good! When I saw the above quote (on Pinterest! yay, everyone should join, for real!.. oh and its not a quote site or anything, haha) I was just thinking about how HAPPY I am that I have been working towards my goals, and how true it is, that really, you just have to start something, and then before you know it, a couple months will have gone by (cause time REALLY does fly!) and you will be well on your way to completing your goal. Have you ever Not started a goal that you wanted to, then looked back and said, 'dang, if I had started 6 months ago when I wanted to, I would be there by now!' I think we all have.
K, I'm not like a motivational speaker or anything, but seriously guys! Start your goal TODAY! or better yet, NOW. Just do it! Before you know it, you will be there! Don't put it off until tomorrow!
“You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you’ve collected a lot of empty yesterdays.” -President Monson, quoting Professor Harold Hill from The Music Man


Jessica said...

Erm... what are the chances of you having a Piterest invite that you want to give to your favorite person in the whole world?

ashley @ divorced and 21 said...

Go ahead and post away!