Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I know today isn't a very summery day, but summer will be here soon! I like setting goals for the summer, because I usually do a pretty good job at keeping them- better than New Years goals, for sure! These are my goals this year:

1- Wear sunscreen every time I'm going to be outside longer than a half hour!

2- Continue working out 3+ times/ week

3-Read at least 10 books and record about them in my 'books' page (not as many as I read last year, but I feel more intimidated by 10 this year than my 15 last year! 2 kids just take up more time!)

4-Read to kids at least 20 min a day, at least 4 days/ week

5-Grow in my love for myself

I'm going to expound on #5. One of my best friends started her own Quest for Beauty a few months ago. She is one of the most inspiring people I know. I look up to her so much. She has been through a lot and has so much strength. She is a beautiful person, and I have loved seeing her confidence in herself grow and seeing her discover that she is truly beautiful. I think that we are all so beautiful, but I really don't see that about myself. I have decided to start my own Quest for Beauty and try to better my self image. I am unsure where to start, so if anyone has any input they would like to add, please do! What do you do to love yourself more and not let the world degrade you?


mwoodall said...

Ahhhhh!!!!!! Nicole! Thank you so much! I think you are amazing as well! :) You make me feel so good about myself. I will tell you how I got started.... First I had the desire (you do too) then I made a list of goals (you already have some but make some goals specifically about how you can love yourself more) and last but most importantly you PRAY ALOT!!! And I was also inspired by which goals I should make because I didn't really know what to change but the spirit helped me to see what goals I should set. Good luck! You can do it! You're AMAZING!!!!! And so so beautiful. :) I love you!
P.S. When you receive inspirations and feelings deep inside of your beauty-believe it! It's from the Lord. Also remember that you can't please everyone 100 percent of the time. So there will be people who don't like you or think you're dumb or ugly or whatever but you can't believe them, believe the Lord and other loved ones!!! (This comment is so long!)

Rachel said...

Weird I just made a post labeled "Summatime" BEFORE I read this post! Haha! Great minds think alike, I guess.

I wish I had more time to read as well. Two kids make it so much harder, it's true!

Way to set some goals. You go, girl.