Tuesday, May 24, 2011


As my friend Katrina calls it.. Feast or famine blogging (4 posts today!)! That seems to be all I'm capable of since having Jase, haha!

Samantha- is potty trained! yaaay! I briefly tried back at the beginning of November right after she turned 2, but she didn't want anything to do with the potty so I decided to wait. I didn't really want to push it when she wasn't ready, I was exhausted enough being pregnant! :) After the holidays were finally over I only had a couple of weeks left until my due date, so I again decided to wait until I'd had Jase and things calmed down with having a newborn. About a month ago I decided to go for it, and it wasn't too bad, I feel lucky! I'm kinda one of those 'go big or go home' types sometimes, so I went all out. No more diapers! It didn't take her long to catch on. After the first accident she started sprinting for the potty while going (did that a couple of times) and successfully told me before nap time that she needed to go! She stayed pretty consistent- just had a couple dribble accidents that afternoon as she would start going, then stop herself and tell me she needed to go. The next day she did really really good and would tell me every time! She has only had 3 accidents since and one of them was my fault (left the lid to her seat latched shut on accident and she couldn't quite hold it long enough!). We are so proud of her! Though it would have been nice to have a break and have zero kids in diapers, things worked out really well for us! If you think your kid would respond well to this method, I definitely recommend it! Every child is different (obviously), so I definitely don't recommend it to everyone. Samantha is doing well otherwise, though we both wish the sun would stick around for longer periods of time so we could play outside more!

Jase- is our cute little guy. Still a pretty mellow little kid, but also super whiney. Does that even make sense? He just fusses when everything isn't exactly how he wants it (picky, picky boy!) but still only does tummy time for about 30 seconds before he decides it's too hard and lays his head down and goes to sleep. He is 4 months old, and no, doesn't roll over, which doesn't surprise me considering his lack of effective tummy time. His favorite place to sleep is in my arms, even though I really only let him sleep there now during church! I have tried to establish good sleep habits with him, but he's a stinker. He's been sleeping 10-11 hours at night for over a month (don't tell me I'm lucky- it took a lot of work to get there!!) but wasn't napping very well. He has been doing better the last few days though, and is now finally taking naps that are longer than 20 minutes. Three- four 20 minute naps was not very fun. Grumpy baby and grumpy mommy!

Jacob is still plugging away at school and is excited to graduate in August! yay! He works so hard for our family :) He is starting up his internship which he is excited about. He will be translating Spanish at the hospital. The cool part is that once he has completed his 100 hours he will be a certified translator, which will look pretty good on his grad school applications! :)

I am up to the same old. Being a mom and trying to do some projects in between! I continue to be surprised by how busy I am with 2! By the time I've worked out and showered that has used up pretty much all of my spare time!! It's pretty much the same as with one, just double haha! I have no idea how people with twins or working mommies do it. These last 2 weeks have been frustrating for me. The first of the 2 weeks I was sick Tuesday-Friday with a nasty stomach bug, and last week I had a cold. Frustrating because I am trying to get in better shape for our Mud Run that is in 1 1/2 weeks! It is a 5k obstacle course mud run and as of right now I can barely run 3 miles (I have said it before and I'll say it again- I am dreadful at running, while I have worked out most of my life, I still can't run..). I think it's going to take me a lot longer than I originally hoped to finish it, but oh well! This one isn't about the time anyway, it's about having fun and getting dirty! :)

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Nancy said...

Congrats on getting through potty training! I'm not looking forward to it but at the same time want it done. I'm slowly getting Charlie to want to sit on the toilet. The first time I asked him, he screamed NO! and then if I even mentioned it he would run. But he has sat on it a couple times now. Hopefully it is relatively painless.
I love Sammy's 2 1/2 year pictures. She's such a little doll! And Jase is just growing up to be a big little boy! Good luck with the Mud Run! Sounds like fun!

Mike and Deborah said...

so i just looked at your blog and our layout is the exact same... we even have the same quote...

Katrina said...

Nice post! glad to see someone else has a hard time posting like I do! it's true...2 kids just keeps you on your toes! :) however, I will tell you that I am now JUST starting to feel like they can handle themselves without me for longer periods of time. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! :)

Love Love Love Sammie's pictures in the next post! Such a pretty girl! :)

I'm so excited to hear about this mud run of yours! Where and when is it exactly? Sounds like something fun to do! :) Good luck!