Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Whoops! It has been a LONG time since I did a good update. Um, 8 new posts today. I tried to keep them pretty short. I realize I could have combined them into probably 2 or 3 posts, but I use this as my journal, and often go back and use this as a reference so I like to keep things separate so I don't have to try to remember where I posted about something.
Anyway life has been good, it's been a great and busy summer! Jacob will be graduated in 3 weeks and 3 days! YAAAAAY!!!!!!

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The Dirty Dash

Back on June 4, we ran The Dirty Dash! It was sooo much fun! It was a 5k (3.1 miles) obstacle course mud run up at Soldier's Hollow. (soldier's hollow is up by Heber City, kinda by Park City). It was incredibly fun, but hard too!! Haha! We had to climb over multiple stacks of hay bales, we had to climb through large muddy pipes, we had to go over a bunch of 6 foot tall walls (these were fun, but really hard!!) On both sides of the walls were tons of mud and huge sprayers spraying so hard you can hardly see. There was about maybe 1/4 mile of sludge. That was my least favorite. It was really hard to run in. Hard to even walk in, actually! There was a part where you have to do high legs through a bunch of tires. OH and basically the whole things is steep up or down hill!! And then at the end you go on a HUGE blow up slide that has sprayers going on it (my favorite part) and then a huge mud pit at the end. It was fun, but I had a bit of a tummy bug, and combined with the heat and all the obstacles, it was harder than I thought it would be. But it was still sooo so fun.
Us right after the run.. It really was so much fun :)

We stopped and got sno cones on our way home. These pictures were taken after our first 'shower' they had ICE COLD water you could shower in. Quite possibly the worst shower of my life. I feel really spoiled saying that.

And these are our clothes.. We wore them during our first 'shower' (the cold one) and this is actually after they'd been rinsed for a few minutes already. Sooooo dirty.

Summer BBQ's

We have had a few BBQs outside this summer and we love them. :)

Jacob cooking our meat!

Happy kids :)
This was our delicious meal!!!!! K, I just looked up a recipe for steak marinade and stumbled across this one , and I HAVE to recommend this one to others. It is called Best Steak Marinade in Existence and it is definitely the BEST I have ever had- though I haven't had a ton of steak marinades.. I grew up eating a lot of steak (the men in my family are carnivores) and my dad likes it the way it is. But really, it is WAY good.

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I gave both my kids haircuts on Sunday. They have both had them before. I think it was Jase's third and Samantha's...maybe 10th? I don't know, she kinda had a mullet as a baby that I kept cutting off, so she has had a lot. I am NOT sentimental about hair at all, haha. I would much rather have my kids hair look clean and nice than let it grow so I can save a lock- not to say I care if anyone else does, I think it's a cute idea, just not for me :)- Anyway, the most I have ever cut off of Samantha's hair is about 2 inches, and I cut about 5 inches this time, so I thought it was post-worthy. I like it, it is SO much easier. But I wish I'd taken pictures of all the fancy/ fun hairstyles I would do for church, cause now it is too short! I kinda hope she wants to grow it out again, just so I can do more fun styles, but we'll see what she wants!


After- a cute little bob she loves it! She calls it her Rapunzel hair (ya know how Rapunzel gets her hair cut at the end of Tangled...)
And a last pic of her with her cute short hair dressed up. She dresses up probably every day, multiple times a day.

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While we were in Idaho for the 4th, we went to Driggs on Saturday for their festivities and it was fun! We saw part of the balloon races in the morning, and we saw some fun shows. BMX biker guys, a car show, and a dog show- not a dog show like the ones on TV, but some guy that has been on all the late shows (jay leno type stuff) with his dogs cause they are really good at catching frisbees and doing tricks- and an air show. The kids also swam in the pool and had a BLAST.

this picture makes me laugh so hard (above) Landen is so funny.

This last picture is just here because if you enlarge the picture and look at the sign on the right it says 48* F. I'm jealous. I think the low here last night was 72. Blech.

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We went to Idaho to celebrate the 4th of July and it was so much fun :) On Friday we went to the zoo in IF with Busselbergs (my sister's fam) and my parents.

We rented a wagon to pull the kids in- this was such a good idea. I recommend it if you have more than 1 toddler!

Angela (sorry, you got cut off!), Maggie, and Michael
Sam feeding the goats :)
Sammie and Landen- cute cousins! They played really well together this time!

Pulling daddy in the wagon :)

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Stewart Falls

So I know I have multiple posts throughout the years on Stewart Falls, but it's a really great hike. Anyway we went and took our kids. I think next time we go, we will leave the kids. It probably took us twice as long as it would have otherwise, and those front carrier packs for babies aren't that great for all day wear over long distances! I think going with 1 kid that needs to be carried would be fine, but both...not so great. And Sam did walk part of it, but she is quite slow! :)
There is snow completely covering the river still (people were walking on it.. you'd be so toast if you fell through- which it was QUITE warm when we went) this is a little tunnel where you can see how the snow is just covering it. very neat.
Look how much water this year!!! If you have ever been before, you know this is an insane amount of water.
Sammie and Daddy :)

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Random Stuff

After bath time. He is kind of a melancholy guy :)
Practicing sitting up! Since he won't do tummy time, we practice like this a lot.
This is what Jase looks like when we get home from 7 peaks :)

More tummy time pics.. I'm starting to wonder if he'll ever learn to crawl? Seriously, he just rolls over or lays there crying until he falls asleep (usually 5ish minutes) silly boy.

This is our favorite little pose that Jase does. We love it, because we do p90x yoga on Thursdays (Jacob is doing p90x and I like to join him for yoga) and this pose is called 'happy baby' and he totally does it when he is just happy and hanging out :)
Jase started solids a bit ago- he is doing REALLY well and LOVES food- and one night poor guy was just so tired he fell asleep while eating! :)

Our happy little fam one Sunday after church :)

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