Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dirty Dash

Back on June 4, we ran The Dirty Dash! It was sooo much fun! It was a 5k (3.1 miles) obstacle course mud run up at Soldier's Hollow. (soldier's hollow is up by Heber City, kinda by Park City). It was incredibly fun, but hard too!! Haha! We had to climb over multiple stacks of hay bales, we had to climb through large muddy pipes, we had to go over a bunch of 6 foot tall walls (these were fun, but really hard!!) On both sides of the walls were tons of mud and huge sprayers spraying so hard you can hardly see. There was about maybe 1/4 mile of sludge. That was my least favorite. It was really hard to run in. Hard to even walk in, actually! There was a part where you have to do high legs through a bunch of tires. OH and basically the whole things is steep up or down hill!! And then at the end you go on a HUGE blow up slide that has sprayers going on it (my favorite part) and then a huge mud pit at the end. It was fun, but I had a bit of a tummy bug, and combined with the heat and all the obstacles, it was harder than I thought it would be. But it was still sooo so fun.
Us right after the run.. It really was so much fun :)

We stopped and got sno cones on our way home. These pictures were taken after our first 'shower' they had ICE COLD water you could shower in. Quite possibly the worst shower of my life. I feel really spoiled saying that.

And these are our clothes.. We wore them during our first 'shower' (the cold one) and this is actually after they'd been rinsed for a few minutes already. Sooooo dirty.


Nancy said...

Oh, I want to do something like that sometime!! It looks like so much fun!

Sharon said...

Mud run looked fun. If I ever do something like that, I'm wearing disposable clothes!

Rachel said...

They have a race here that's pretty similar that's at the end of August. David and I are both way excited to do it! I love the pictures--it looks so fun!