Tuesday, July 19, 2011


While we were in Idaho for the 4th, we went to Driggs on Saturday for their festivities and it was fun! We saw part of the balloon races in the morning, and we saw some fun shows. BMX biker guys, a car show, and a dog show- not a dog show like the ones on TV, but some guy that has been on all the late shows (jay leno type stuff) with his dogs cause they are really good at catching frisbees and doing tricks- and an air show. The kids also swam in the pool and had a BLAST.

this picture makes me laugh so hard (above) Landen is so funny.

This last picture is just here because if you enlarge the picture and look at the sign on the right it says 48* F. I'm jealous. I think the low here last night was 72. Blech.

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