Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I gave both my kids haircuts on Sunday. They have both had them before. I think it was Jase's third and Samantha's...maybe 10th? I don't know, she kinda had a mullet as a baby that I kept cutting off, so she has had a lot. I am NOT sentimental about hair at all, haha. I would much rather have my kids hair look clean and nice than let it grow so I can save a lock- not to say I care if anyone else does, I think it's a cute idea, just not for me :)- Anyway, the most I have ever cut off of Samantha's hair is about 2 inches, and I cut about 5 inches this time, so I thought it was post-worthy. I like it, it is SO much easier. But I wish I'd taken pictures of all the fancy/ fun hairstyles I would do for church, cause now it is too short! I kinda hope she wants to grow it out again, just so I can do more fun styles, but we'll see what she wants!


After- a cute little bob she loves it! She calls it her Rapunzel hair (ya know how Rapunzel gets her hair cut at the end of Tangled...)
And a last pic of her with her cute short hair dressed up. She dresses up probably every day, multiple times a day.

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Nancy said...

Oh, I love her haircut! She's so adorable!!