Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Stuff

After bath time. He is kind of a melancholy guy :)
Practicing sitting up! Since he won't do tummy time, we practice like this a lot.
This is what Jase looks like when we get home from 7 peaks :)

More tummy time pics.. I'm starting to wonder if he'll ever learn to crawl? Seriously, he just rolls over or lays there crying until he falls asleep (usually 5ish minutes) silly boy.

This is our favorite little pose that Jase does. We love it, because we do p90x yoga on Thursdays (Jacob is doing p90x and I like to join him for yoga) and this pose is called 'happy baby' and he totally does it when he is just happy and hanging out :)
Jase started solids a bit ago- he is doing REALLY well and LOVES food- and one night poor guy was just so tired he fell asleep while eating! :)

Our happy little fam one Sunday after church :)

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mwoodall said...

so cute! I love the last picture!