Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stewart Falls

So I know I have multiple posts throughout the years on Stewart Falls, but it's a really great hike. Anyway we went and took our kids. I think next time we go, we will leave the kids. It probably took us twice as long as it would have otherwise, and those front carrier packs for babies aren't that great for all day wear over long distances! I think going with 1 kid that needs to be carried would be fine, but both...not so great. And Sam did walk part of it, but she is quite slow! :)
There is snow completely covering the river still (people were walking on it.. you'd be so toast if you fell through- which it was QUITE warm when we went) this is a little tunnel where you can see how the snow is just covering it. very neat.
Look how much water this year!!! If you have ever been before, you know this is an insane amount of water.
Sammie and Daddy :)

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