Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm so proud of myself! I gained 2 pounds... On PURPOSE! That is correct! I feel like I have come so far that I was able to do that. A couple weeks ago I realized I was 2 pounds below where I wanted to be. (And I KNOW that weight fluctuates a couple pounds depending on time of day, your period, and many other factors... When I say 2 pounds below, I have a 3 pound range that I like to have to fluctuate around in and I was 2 pounds BELOW that for multiple days.) No big deal, right? Right. Part of me was excited, but part of me was concerned. I like my curves! (not that I have tons, unfortunately!) I am trying to embrace who I am and my natural body type, and my natural body type is NOT thin. (it's also not larger) My body is so average. I have everything most girls have. A waist, a chest, a bum. My body is by no means perfect... I wish I could make my legs slimmer without completely losing my chest, but I can't! :) Anyway I am just proud of myself because I am finally at a point where I FEEL good and feel beautiful and I don't feel like I need to be any smaller. I am at a point where I am really healthy and I don't care if other people think I am 'too big' because I am not at the super thin 'ideal' the world tells us is ideal. I don't worry about my weight too much. I just watch what I eat and stay active. It's a good feeling, being where I want to be, feeling like I am bettering myself each day, but not down on myself for not having a 'perfect' body. I really think everyone should try to reach this point, it is such a load off of the shoulders! I've stopped comparing myself to others, because I know that I am at a point where I feel really great, and it really doesn't matter if someone else is built smaller than me, or even if someone is built the same as me but is still smaller. It really doesn't matter to me anymore. I'm at a point where I feel really good and I feel like I look good. It has taken me a long time to get here, I have felt pressured to be thinner since I was 11. That is more than half of my life, and I'm just happy to be at this point :)

PS- I now have tunes on my page!! (but they aren't on autoplay, which I know some people don't like :))
PS again- I have been keeping up on my book page/ reivews really well this summer, so check it out if you want a book recommendation! I also added a section on the bottom where I went into a more detailed explanation of some of the books

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Katrina said...

Good for you! I'm proud of you too! You are beautiful and sooo skinny! I'm glad you are feeling it now! :)

Love the tunes you chose--we have similar tastes for sure! :)