Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving to....

The Golden State- Not to be confused with the Sunshine State. That's where we are moving. The Golden State. Don't worry, it's not for forever! (Thank goodness- can you tell I'm not a huge CA fan? Fun to visit, but that's about it.) I decided to post about this just because I don't want to be one of those people who just disappears and people just have to assume we've moved, til they one day look at our blog and find out we are no longer residing in Happy Valley. Plus I'm bored of having to tell people why we're moving. We're just moving, ok?! :) For reals though, I wish we had a one word answer for the question, but unfortunately it has an explanation. So- hear it is: Jacob is in the process of applying to PA school. We aren't extremely likely to get in next year, because he doesn't have a lot of medical experience, but we figure it's worth a shot anyway. Meanwhile, we are going to be working on getting him some experience! CNA courses here are a good $1000 bucks or so. OR the ones with on the job training require you to work for them for a year afterwards, which isn't going to happen. SO we decided to go back to CA where he can pay in-state tuition at the community college and it will cost less than $100 bucks..AND we can live with his family for a little bit and save some money for grad school. Most of you are probably thinking I am crazy to move in with my in-laws, and I would have to say that yes, I am crazy. Life goes on though. Plan for after he is done with the course: Work, of course! Once we find out whether or not he is in PA school for next year, is how we will decide the next course of action. If he doesn't get in, we will probably move somewhere like TX (or maybe somewhere else) to try to get residency (did you know TX schools LOVE residents? Yeah, like love 95% residents- wow). If he does get in, we will probably stick around until school starts (a lot of schools start in May, so that wouldn't be too bad, right?).
Anyway, now you all know our little plan. Very cool, huh? Right. Anyway, I have been far too busy to blog what with sick kids, sick self and attempting to pack because moving day is in ONE WEEK!!!!!! No joke. Come over at 8:30am and help us load up the trailer, we'll have some sort of treat or something :)