Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I will miss

This week has been an INSANE (but so fun) week. Jacob and I are watching my cousins 6 kids, plus our 2! Um, note to self, being a mom of 8 is exhausting. Especially when the 3 youngest are almost 3, 17 months, and 8 months. And it's not like they made it hard on us-- she made us freezer meals, so cooking is just warming stuff up and putting together some fruit or a salad for a side. Plus they are really well behaved and are pretty good about doing things when I ask. Anyway, we are still in Utah, but all of our stuff has already been moved to CA, and we will be taking off for there when we are done babysitting here. So I've been thinking about moving, and I really am excited to be going somewhere and having new adventures, and maybe I'm not Utah's biggest fan (though I am NOT a hater), but there are some things here that I am going to miss a Lot.

+Family- Briana(one of my best friends) and Jimmy that live here, but also my family. I know my family lives up in Idaho, but now it is going to be a 14 hour drive instead of 4 1/2. So we definitely won't be seeing them much.
+Friends- in particular my bestest bestie (you know who you are :)) but also all my friends in the ward, and my other mommy friends that live in the area.
+Food- Hello, Costa Vida!! Unfortunately where we are going there is not even a Cafe Rio, which makes an ok substitute. So sad. I will also be missing: BYU creamery (mmmmm!! BYU ranch!! And ice cream!) Shirley's (I have NEVER tried a better cinnamon roll- think yours are better? Make me one, but you probably won't win!) Kneader's, Texas Roadhouse, Farr's Fresh, Carrabba's, Tucano's... k I could make this list REALLY long, because the restaurant selection I think is about 2. No joke. They of course have loads of fast food, but fast food in my opinion doesn't really count as real food.
+Having the mall literally a block away. The closest mall will be about 1 1/2 hours away. This will be good for my wallet, bad for my wardrobe. Also, last time we were at the mall there I was in the minority as a white person. Talk about culture shock for someone who grew up in Idaho!
+Having clean air. Okay, the air here is far less than ideal because of the pollution, but what I mean by that is hardly anyone smokes!! Smoking is disgusting, and that is one thing I really like about areas highly populated by Mormons- it's rare to have people smoking.
+Modest clothing options everywhere!! There is even a modest clothing line at Wal mart! Pretty sure they don't have Bella Bird at the wal mart where we are going (but maybe....?)
+Speaking of modest clothing I will miss just the overall modesty. Sure, there are plenty of people here who don't dress modestly, but they fall outside the norm.
+SNOW!!! Some of you commented that I was moving just in time because snow is annoying. I LOVE snow. What is Christmas without snow?! Did you know I have a REALLY hard time getting in the Christmas spirit without the beautiful sparkling white radiance of everything covered in snow? It's magical is what it is, and I will miss it!!!
+joyschool-- hey RC friends, is there a joyschool going on there? I was going to be able to start joyschool this fall with Samantha, but we are moving. Sad.
+The grid system for addresses. (or do they do that in CA? I think they kind-of do, which is better than nothing I guess)
+Having most people the same religion- My OB is LDS and I'm pretty sure he doesn't think my strange Mormon underwear is at all strange.
+The rain. I know Utah is a desert and we don't get that much rain compared to most places, but where we are going could perhaps be called a death desert. Rain is scarce. (it is close to death valley after all)
+Lush green grass. The grass that grows where we are going Literally is the grass that my dad always killed because it's pokey and hard. Seriously, we got some weed killer that was safe for grass... turns out the grass we are growing in CA is on the list of nuisance grasses that the weed killer kills. Oh sigh.

So these last ones seem a little negative towards our move, so I am quickly going to list some things I am looking forward to:

+Moving forward!! It feels good to have a plan for life! I am so excited to be moving forward toward our goal of PA school.
+Hanging out with the McClellans! Jacob's best friend from HS and his wife and kids live there, and they are really awesome people!
+Hanging out with Ariel!
+Our Halloween Party!!! If you are reading this post, and will be in RC the Saturday before Halloween come to our party!! We are going to start at 7:30 or 8, so leave your kids with your parents or a babysitter and come! Really though, take pity on us and come, we have very few friends there!! :)
+Getting to know new people and making friends out of our friendly acquaintances (Tara, I would LOVE to take you up on the play date offer)
+Not having to drive in the snow. Really guys, I'd rather have snow, but I'm trying to look on the bright side that I won't have to drive in it. Even though I am PRO (haha just kidding)
+Being closer to Disneyland. 'nuff said.
+No bi-polar May and June. By the time May and June roll around I'm usually ready for Summer, and Utah likes to tease you with random nasty weather til the end of June. (though we might not even be around by that time)
+Not knowing what's ahead! Some people hate that feeling, and sometimes I do too, but mostly I think it's so fun!
+Free rent. Gotta save every penny for grad school!
+Missionary opportunities

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Katrina said...

I am so glad you said something about being closer to Disneyland!! ;)

We are going to miss you so much but I totally get the loving having a plan for life and moving forward. Some people really do just get "stuck" so good for you guys!

Take care and keep blogging!! :)

Briana said...

I'm already counting the days until December 22